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  1. perthsaint1884


    Haha cheers, never fresh faced but it's not my face thats been stopping me so far!
  2. perthsaint1884


    Alright lads, me and the better half are having a wee engagement party at the Tulloch Institute on Saturday the 11th July, all are invited and can bring someone if they want. Let me know if you fancy an excuse to get pissed with decent priced bevvy!
  3. Nick, going by the amount of players I might give this one a miss although if my cars up to it I'll come watch
  4. Same as Al for me. Hardly played so only fair regulars get first shout
  5. I should be fine for this
  6. Will anyone be driving and have their car near or passing through the town? Need a jump start to get to the garage to drop my car off for a new battery thrn get a lift to the game
  7. I'm a no for this as things stand as it would come down to a decision the Thursday before.