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  1. Congratulations on your lucky win dissapointed of your fans though, good noise after goal and end of game, but very silent through the game.
  2. I look forward to hearing some great supporters then ! You guys have to live up to Legia Warszawa, who visited us in the last round last year. They actually climbed up to the VIP- area and tried to smash in the windows at the stadium.
  3. Hey, just another Norwegian occupying ur forum I was wondering how you act on stadium. Is it the typical british style with chants like every 20 minutes, or are you inspirated by the East-europeans? The Rosenborg fans "Kjernen" is without a doubt the best fans in norway, and is inspired by the balkan fans. It is drums, and singing non-stop. It will not be as good on thursday because of low interest. copying in a link of Kjernen aswell. Hoping for answers - Away-match - Home-match