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  1. Celtic Rangers Aberdeen Hibs Motherwell Kilmarnock St Johnstone St Mirren Livingston Dundee Utd Hamilton Ross County
  2. Never heard it called 'the Buckie Braes'
  3. They just haven't had enough quiet time to organize a special kit that will sell like hot cakes and bring in much needed cash. Or have they.....??
  4. Looks like the hotel was in the building before the lights at Canal St.
  5. Wow!! Thanks so much!! Much like Saints, my form improved greatly in the second half of the season! That was my second winners medal ... hopefully it's not potentially discredited like the present 9 in a row champions ... or perhaps there are impending lawsuits contesting the result out there.... Anyway, many thanks to Steve for all the amazing hard work, and also to everyone who took part!! Here's to (hopefully) next season and another great contest!! Cheers!!
  6. I see there already testing a vaccine with 45 volunteers in Seattle.
  7. St Johnstone 2 Livingston 0 Hendry 2250
  8. St Mirren 1 St Johnstone 2 Hendry 3400
  9. St Johnstone 0 Celtic 2 Griffiths 8750
  10. Ross County 0 St Johnstone 2 Wright 3550