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  1. Super J's meet the gaffer Q's and A's

  2. look guys deuchar is to slow and how many header's has he won yeah he scored on saturday but not good enough for the spl
  3. why dont you leave deuchar on the bench? cameron.l asked the last question if a 8year old can see deuchar is shite what is the gaffer watching t
  4. oldskool


    down the inch eating magic mushroome or up woody island drink merrydown {gold label] and almost 6 weeks of sunshine cracking times
  5. dundee posh burds easy for shagging
  6. anyplace that has a proper footie ground like forfar! you canny beat the terrace, shame the atmosphere was shite not like the old day's,passion and fighting spirit
  7. Falkirk shoud have been more clear and told people that the pitch wasnt totally playable after the 11-11.15 inspection. I like many others was told at 11.30 the game was on and there was no problem with the pitch. So in my mind it is 100% falkirk fc to blame.Grovelling Bairns bosses apologised to supporters who had been convinced to travel after an early pitch inspection ruled the game was ON - despite the fact some areas of the playing surface were frozen solid.nobody apoligised to us we went down to the Falkirk Stadium 2 bus loads of st.johnstone fans children,women & men to vent protest at the way the spl and falkirk have treated the st.johnstone supporters and now who is going to pick up our expenses for losses suffered as the kids were right with chants of "SPL, you're having a laugh. I AWAIT FOR RESPONCE wil let u know if i hear anything
  8. its not that great a picture 1 kid standing on the gate had to laugh at the paper said "RAGING fans staged a furious protest outside the Falkirk Stadium " {***} and alsoI never seen Grovelling Bairns bosses apologised to seething supporters who had been convinced to travel. thats shite but whats new west coast shite writting pish
  9. i torby he used to go to scumdee & utd then back to saint he used to stay in north muirton
  10. but yeah can beat a good battle it keeps u on ur toes and warm aswell,i loved the 80's few beers then of to do battle with another mob casuals good fun but have to take the kids now sadly