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  1. Never been so disheartened by a Saints performance than this. Let's just hope that the team can lift the gloom, with a result on Sat. C.o.y.s.
  2. Was looking from Row X and until you mentioned his name, (never seen the starting line up) realised Craig was playing. Suppose that sums things up.
  3. If Callum is thinking of offering a contract to Crawford, hope S.B. tells him you're not on . We have better players out on loan. Get them back pdq
  4. First time I've left before the end. Passing to the opposition constantly. Frightened to take control. Mc Pherson and Crawford can get tae France. Referee over the 90 minutes was o.k. Dundee goalie didn't have a safe to make. Relegation looms.
  5. 2mins in, Lino gives corner when Zander gathers the ball. Second decision. Ref gives free kick against Saints when guy falls over.
  6. If only Tony Watt had put in the same effort for Saints eh?
  7. Watching Motherwell v Dundee United on TV, why can't Ref. Steven McLean show the same impartiality in fixtures involving Saints that he has shown in this game? Having a good game. Never thought I would ever say that about him
  8. Haven't seen anything so far in Ali Crawford that Iwould suggest making him a permanent fixture. Loan to Hamilton might suit him.
  9. Game should go ahead, unless any structural damage has been caused by strong gale. Dry, sunny and blowing a hoolie. Temperature expected to be 2° by 15.00. Time for the long johns. C.o.y.s.
  10. HOODLUM65


    See Abernethy's Post.
  11. I note that our next 2 fixtures against our local rivals Dundee are scheduled for Wednesdays. Would expect Saturdays' to have larger attendances.
  12. No ideas of your own huh? It's no bait you need on your breath, it's boxing gloves to cover your keyboard fingers..
  13. 3 days is a long time in football. After the euphoria of beating the league leaders in the Cup on Sunday, HIBS came back to earth with a bump (apart from Gogic, who appeared on the bench) when they were beaten by the bottom team Ross County.
  14. Stevie G got out at the right time. Watch for incoming Van Bronckhorst getting slated for breaking up a "winning team".
  15. Celtic 1/3 Saints 15/2 With Ladbrokes. Any better odds?
  16. Pump it up, pump it up. C.o.y.s. You can do it if you put your mind to it.
  17. Q-O-S v ICT. on a Friday night? Fixture nightmare for the Away fans. 234 miles there and the same back. Over 8 hours travelling time Well done to the fans, especially when the game is on the Telly. Football authorities need to put their brains in gear when organising the fixtures.