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  1. That's a tall order but I have to bow to your position in the prediction league.
  2. Aye. If you are not averse to spending umpteen millions that you haven't got (and nobody knows, nor cares, where it comes from) you could actually win this league.
  3. He may not. But if he does it's likely to be for the reasons suggested by previous posters.
  4. Who's to say he saw that team as his strongest. He certainly thought it was the formation that would do the job for him on the day. Next game might require an entirely different approach and the team could be 'tweaked' accordingly. I'm sure he will have a number of possible scenarios to take into consideration.
  5. New manager wins 'diddy' club a major trophy in first season. The media will be Livi'd it was Saints and no Livi.
  6. Would that be a statement or a question? Is it in relation to me or Sevco?
  7. You're hoping? Probably not even 1st team squad players. It'll all just be a wee misunderstanding. Nothing to see here.
  8. Hmm. maybe that was the plan all along? Protect the -ve goal difference.
  9. Haven't even got one striker in that lineup. IMHO.