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  1. It's Quavas Kirk from Los Angeles Galaxy.
  2. They certainly think he's on his way to us:-)
  3. 1 Celtic 2 Rangers 3 Hearts 4 Hibernian 5 Aberdeen 6 Kilmarnock 7 Dundee Utd 8 Motherwell 9 Falkirk 10 St Mirren 11 ICT 12 Gr£tna
  4. Every game is different, but Akinfeev, Rybka, Ustari, Schmoller, Kompany, Vanden Borre, Guarin, Adu, Rossi, Hleb (the other one), Ronaldo all seems to have consistantly good careers. Oh, and Rafinha!
  5. Rumour on pie and bovril that were close to signing him!! What do you think he would be like? Are these rumours true?
  6. When are the 1st division fixtures announced?
  7. I agree with rabster, i think samuel would be a great signing for us. I wouldnt say he is better than jason but is certainly faster. He proved with falkirk what a good player he is at 1st division level, so lets hope coyle sees him as a possible transfer target.
  8. yeah i agree there wont be many close challengers!
  9. well if he's no good enough for hamilton he certainly wont be good enough for us!!
  10. i think we will win the league next fact i think we will walk it...things are looking good just now and i think stewart and coyle working together will be a big factor!
  11. oh i tht guy sounded lyk a right prick....haad the whistles as well which waz quite funny!