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  1. Two or three new faces in by Wednesday? Who? What positions are we looking at? Who's getting binned to make way for them? I'm looking forward to this, cos short of Benzema, Beckenbauer and Pele, we are fkd.
  2. I almost hate myself for doing it, but my vote is in. You just can't defend ten straight defeats. Bottom of the league and knocked out the cup by a team fro league 2.
  3. I don't think Giffiths would give us any more than he gave Dundee. A legend to Scotland fans and rightly so, but his best days are clearly behind him.
  4. No, just finally getting a new year drink with my wife. I promise rational thinking will resume tomorrow.
  5. I'm hoping it's a case of confirming the ones we pretty much knew were going to happen (Cleary, Crawford) and that very soon we're about to break the transfer record on someone who's 12 - 15 goals between now and May can keep us up. Or someone who can provide the ammunition for one of our current strikers.
  6. Maybe CD has plans for a whole new midfield which involves Crawford as far away from defensive duty as possible. He couldn't win a ball in a raffle if he bought all the tickets!! However he's our player now and CD is going nowhere so let's see who else comes in and where Crawford fits in.
  7. Nah, I think that ship has sailed.
  8. It is a shame indeed. None of us will ever forget the Tommy Wright era at Perth. As for where his career goes from here, sadly it may be a long time before we hear of him in Scotland again.
  9. First and foremost hope he and his family are okay.
  10. Perth is in Perth & Kinross, or Perthshire as I like to call it. Dundee is the city of Dundee. Montrose and Arbroath are, as you rightly say, in Angus. So they are all in Tayside region.