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  1. Quite few to choose from but went with Ambrose. Played at walking pace and won everything.
  2. I know, useless. I mean all he's managed in the last eight weeks or so are goals against the likes of Galatasaray and Lask.
  3. Someone that's playing will be captain, maybe he'll be the new captain, maybe he'll be standing in until a new captain is announced.
  4. Yep. We were all angry this morning, angry at the outgoings and unimpressed by the incomings. But none of this is the players' fault. All the new guys seem happy to be coming to Saints so let's give them our support. The dust has settled, we still have most of last season's squad, we still have our manager. Zander, Rooney, Gordon, Mccart, Booth. Liam, Muzz, Spoony. MOH, Middleton, Kano, May, Hendry, all still here. Keep the faith, COYS.
  5. Two hours to go, still nothing confirmed with Kerr and not a cheep about McCann, McCart or anyone else.
  6. Heard the same but then led to believe it's from a fake Twitter account.
  7. Pulling Rooney into central defence when Gordon called off was a big mistake for two reasons. One, Roo is not a great defender and two, we lost his attacking threat down the right wing. Muller could easily have slotted in to Gordon's position.
  8. Muzz, more so for his first half performance, possibly one of the best I've seen from an individual since Callum himself was playing. Zander justified the call up, but huge effort from James Brown, terrific player.
  9. Great to hear this, hopefully the new Ali McCann. I'm in Inverness so will look out for a Brechin away game I can get to when I can't make the Saints game.