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  1. It's certainly the highest shoot out score I've ever heard of.
  2. Spoony. Could've been May for the hat trick. I'd love to have given it to young Ferguson but he wasn't on for long enough. Spoony in that kind of form just makes it all look so simple.
  3. My post was aimed at the miserable few who can't just be happy with a decent few days work. Yeah, it was only Kelty and Brechin. Your team scored seven goals today ffs.
  4. We won 7-0. SEVEN FECK*N NIL. When was was the last time a Saints fan said that? May was rubbish and scored a hat trick. Spoony is a useless greedy b'stard and scored two. Muzz could'nt hit a barn door from two yards. But he scored. Even Hendry scored. We also missed a load more chances but so what, it does'nt matter, we won seven nil. SEVEN FECK*N NIL..
  5. Half decent? Looks like a world beater compared to what we have just now! Mind you, I remember a similar Gary McDonald montage when we signed him.
  6. We can be thankful that County and Well both got hammered today. It's going to be a tight bottom six in the coming months and we don't want any gaps opening up. Get this Celtic game out the way, take a long hard look at themselves and get a couple of wins on the board, then we can all get off the manager's case and this thread can remain redundant for a while.
  7. Alan Mannus playing against Milan tonight. Ibrahimovic scored the first goal, there was a second but Shamrock didn't disgrace themselves.
  8. Yep, finally a natural striker in place for the tap in from one of the countless crosses that come in to the box. That's where May needs to be, a proper centre forward.