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  1. I hope the players concerned recover fully and quickly, I hope they have learned from this and I hope other players up and down the country take heed. Wake me up when football returns to some kind of normality. (Dingwall, 2nd Jan would be nice)
  2. If Aberdeen make the decision not to play then they have to forfeit the game and Saints get awarded a walk over. I've a feeling that the odd occasion this happens a 3-0 win is awarded.
  3. Ten men, we only need ten men.
  4. I see in the two friendlies against Hibs and Dons we've worn the same yellow/blue/blue combo. On both occasions we would normally have worn blue and white. Is that last season's away kit or next season's?
  5. Let me guess. Red and White hoops?
  6. cristo

    John Davies

    Decent central midfield player, good going forward, held the ball up well and could always find a pass. Scored a few goals as well. If you don't mind, why do you ask?
  7. Forfar has been my "wee" team for many years cos I lived in Kirriemuir from 99 to 07. If I couldn't make the Saints game I'd go to Station Park. Funny, I still remember Forfar being a better team than Saints for a spell, mid eighties I think.
  8. I'm sure the manager knows them both well enough, so welcome aboard you two. Are they full season loans or just the pointless six month version?
  9. I had to be sure because I also have a tale to tell about visiting other grounds. My English team has been Wolves since I was a boy and I've only ever seen them once. At Oxford. It was 1-1 after about 5 minutes, then the rain came on. And it stayed on. I was in the away end with a tee shirt on, got soaked, the game turned to s**t and we left early. Ran a gauntlet of young local rebels, got back to the car and turned the radio on for the updates from other games. It was the day Saints beat Aberdeen 5-0.
  10. They're his wee team.
  11. Signed today for Burton Albion. Good move for him and good luck to him. I'd certainly have liked to see him at Saints.
  12. I'm guessing your team is Oxford United?
  13. Horrible thing to say about a very decent player and very nice guy. This "found his level" crap really pees me off. I mean about anyone, not just Pates. He played his part for us and another couple of clubs after that, things haven't worked out for various reasons. Nah, just F off with comments like that.
  14. I've been a fan of Lawless for a long time. He certainly knows where the net is at McDiarmid going by his performances for both Partick and Livi. A very good left sided player, bit of a Liam Craig about him.