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  1. be nice to 101...he came all this way from england especially for the game
  2. According to the scotsman the sfl are set to reject the plans. Back to the drawing board then.
  3. Was mooted a couple of years ago that mcdiarmid would be sold and a new stadium get built behind the park & ride
  4. The club have just announced on Twitter that he has signed a pre-contract agreement with Hibs
  5. So I started a business, it becomes successful so I employ people so therefore I am a scrounging basted?
  6. How much do you think hydro employees get paid if you're mentioning them in the same sentence as wealth aArabs?
  7. i was poking fun at the farce
  8. if a 3rd division club moves to play on in another country whats to stop Premier League / Championship teams from doing this..... ;-)
  9. dont it wont bring sevco back any quicker. if this came into place for august they would be in the bottom group of 18 next season and would need to win / play offs to get into the championship the following season. after that they would need to be in the top 4 to go into the middle group of 8 to play for entrance to the premier league. that will take the same length of time of having to win the 3rd, 2nd and 1st divisions. in fact this would bring more money into the 3rd divison teams as they would be getting another visit from sevco next season
  10. I agree with Larky. Its different, it has the potential to generate interest in scottish football..3 mini leagues all with something to play for? need to see more details but we have been crying out for something different. hopefully this will lead into some kind of pyramid system in time to come
  11. In this case I Don't think so. Sportsters are owned by the G1 Leisure Group who also own The Playhouse Cinema and The Bothy. The place needed a refurb but it is crap the way they have gone about it. On the other hand, the people who owned CLG (Sportsters old owners), put the whole company into admin 18 odd months ago and then bought back large parts of it.
  12. most staff will probably be on casual contracts and worked there for less than a year
  13. the retail park one was mooted last year... but there was a problem getting existing tennants on board with their plans from what i'd heard
  14. Even if the political will in Washington appeared to either repeal or amend the 2nd Amendment regarding bearing arms, it would still need to be ratified by 2/3's (i think) of the states before it becomes law. As such it could take years or never to come into effect.
  15. the transfer ban applies to registering players. they can sign players on pre-contract agreements to start on the 2nd september 2013. This didn't surprise me and i mentioned it before i thought this would happen. what did surprise me is that SFL rules allow them to play 2 unregistered players in any game for a maximum of appearances. it would appear the SFA did not ( or did they ) consider this.
  16. I was reading today that the UEFA recognised European Club Association are saying that the History transfers to Sevco/Newco/TRFC (whatever)...the waters get muddier.
  17. I don't know how much truth is in it but the TV money could apparantely allow some of the smaller clubs to play to empty stadia in the Premiership
  18. If you were to avoid every company that took part in tax avoidance there would not be much to chose from. Pension payments can be taken off Pre tax so that saves employers money in NI contributions. Many people can buy shares in their employers. This comes off before tax,they hold them for 5 years and the whole lot is tax free. Your pension fund probably invests in companies that engage in tax avoidance. Are you going to hand that back? It is just a case of scale but it all adds up. Would you move employer if you found that they were engaging in tax avoidance?
  19. i would guess no charity would turn down however many tens of thousands they get offered.....& Starbucks Coffee is goood
  20. i am hoping the SPL won't be about by then and it will be merged under one body with the SFL...but that is a different thread
  21. i don't think there is enough support in town to make this work all year round, plus it would take business away from Campus Sports, who already are known as the main point for Saints stuff in town
  22. I read that they do not have any choice in the matter. The broadcaster picks the games it wants,