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  1. I managed to get one. Ill ask around if anyone else is still needing one.
  2. Anyone got any spare tickets? I'm in Edinburgh, and don't want to risk royal mail.
  3. Credit where it's due. A fan was poorly, and the police and stewards kept us behind until ambulance left. They were very apologetic and thanked us for our patience whilst we were delayed. Thoughts with him and
  4. If anyone has any spare, send me a message. I will ensure they go to genuine fans, at face value.
  5. I'm right beside Tynecastle. Currently a light dusting. And blue sky.
  6. Does anyone have any spare kids tickets (or adults)? Send me a message. I'm based in Edinburgh, and can collect today or tomorrow.
  7. Was hot hot hot. And they used it to their advantage. Felt we really missed millar.
  8. Gutted i cannot make it... Hope you have a fantastic day, and I'll join you in the next round
  9. Can you put me on a reserve list for the way back only please? If I go, I shall head down with Edinburgh saints, and return to Perth afterwards. Stu.
  10. Good job Ross!!! you deserve it for all the great videos. Is this to compliment the work done by the 2 volunteers who do all the current facebook and twitter work? or does it not include those elements of the media?
  11. Important to remember that there are also 2 volunteers who do a lot of this for free.... I think that makes it even more impressive. Good work.
  12. Is there space for one? I may get a last minute air miles flight to Vienna tomorrow.