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  1. SaintSam1884

    Car Park

    Traffic management around the ground is surely a Police Scotland issue? The club will have to learn from it though and make visiting clubs aware of potential delays so they can in turn advise their own supporters. The traffic problems began a full 1.5 hours before kick off. I got stuck trying to head down Crieff Road at the new lights section when the original lights at the Tulloch Terrace junction were stuck on red and clearly not working. Many Hibs fans were already arriving late due to roadworks on the M90 causing significant delays and then anyone who followed the road signs advising football traffic to go to Inveralmond instead of coming off at Dobbies was just screwed from that point on. Police used to control traffic exiting the ground and also at the Tulloch Terrace lights as they used to switch them off to improve traffic flow. I haven’t seen this happen for a while now. Is it something to do with the club having police free matches? If they’re not attending at the stadium, they’re also not attending for traffic control around the stadium?
  2. Judging by the BBC coverage of the incident Keith Watson was also in the technical area.
  3. What they are saying is correct. The fact that they are not former professional goalkeepers or goalkeeping coaches doesn't change that. His failure, or inability to command the box at 90% of set pieces puts us under a lot of pressure. He doesn't come for cross balls a lot and when he does he's pretty bad at it. I'm not a goalkeeping coach either, by the way.
  4. The biggest barrier McKay has to playing regularly is Anderson doesn't seem to be as comfortable next to him as he is with Joe or Scobbie. I think it's because he prefers to be the right sided central defender. Does Joe not play the left centre with Ando? Obviously Tam does. I think Ando looks weaker when he plays there and that's where he was yesterday. It certainly didn't look as comfortable for him so can't see that working long term. McKay's own performances in last two games hasn't dented his chances.
  5. Thank you for saying this! I asked my dad why it is always so bloody cold, wet and windy in Motherwell. That's twice I've been there at the start(ish) of a season and it's been bloody freezing. Left a warm, sunny Perth yesterday and took a jacket because I'd seen the forecast in Motherwell wasn't as nice but my god. That place is just baltic.
  6. Again? I'll give you this one but I don't think he's been anonymous in any other games. He plays better centrally IMO. Need Spoony back to allow this to happen.
  7. Out for a month. Apologies in advance if you're just making some strange joke.
  8. Strip does look better in person than the photos. I actually quite like it although I don't like the sponsors logo but it is what it is. He's paying his money!
  9. I have to say I don't think he looks anything like Novak Djokovic!
  10. I've seen him twice now. Felt he was infinitely better in the middle on Tuesday than out wide but he was good out there today. Early days but he and Watson look like they've played together for a long time. They also like to be direct so we can look forward to Alston storming into the box and trying to get goals and Watson pinging a cross in every time he gets close. Seems criminal to have let John Sutton go now. Nobody really there to meet the numerous crosses today. With Davidson and Spoony still to come back, we look sorted in midfield. Exciting times.
  11. Not quite as confrontational as the post you deleted...
  12. So to him it was a pay as you play deal because the basic was so paltry it was almost nothing
  13. Dear Ross, I would be more than happy to volunteer my time to help you with your match day media work. Problem solved.