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  1. You what? That’s not a conspiracy theory. That’s the plain truth.
  2. Shankland isn’t a great example. He scored lots of goals in the second tier, then went to another second tier club.
  3. Sure, the Sun is a tabloid newspaper known for 'embellishing' the truth. But why anybody would think that they'd bother to embellish the truth in regards to St Johnstone FC, I genuinely have no clue. I hardly think that sensationalist stories relating to St Johnstone manager Tommy Wright are going to drastically improve their readership.
  4. I suggest you should phone the doctor and get an emergency appointment to check whether you've got Alzheimer's. This really is concerning.
  5. I think I misinterpreted your ‘Thanks Del...’ post and thought you were sarcastically responding to me saying that both red cards were justified. If you are genuinely thanking Del, I am in agreement with you.
  6. What’s strange about it? Clearly neither of them were hurt. Doesn’t change the fact that they were both dangerous tackles.
  7. Not sure what point you’re making, but I apologise for sterilising the atmosphere of a match which finished over an hour ago.
  8. You know it's possible to analyse a match in something other than a ridiculously blue-tinted way.
  9. It was an absolutely dreadful tackle which could have broken the guy's leg. People really shouldn't comment until they've seen the replay. Both red cards totally justified and considerably worse than any Aberdeen tackles. Edited: Wait, someone has posted the video. How could anyone possibly say that he 'literally didn't touch the player'?
  10. Do you remember when you were young and you thought that your parents were never wrong about anything? Do you remember the day when you first realised that they actually blether absolute shite on a regular basis? Well, I started posting on this forum as a youngster who believed that Cagey’s posts were knowledgable and measured.
  11. That reputation emerged during his time at Celtic. I think it's widely acknowledged that he was generally excellent at Hibs. But as you say, he'd be a huge earner. We couldn't get near his wages and his expected income probably wouldn't match his ability.
  12. Bemusing that some people would turn their noses up at Efe Ambrose. He would be fantastic for us and there's consequently no chance we'd be able to get him. Hibs fans loved him.
  13. How on earth is Swanson for McCann ‘like for like’?
  14. A Celtic loanee who is contracted there until 2022 isn't 'building for the future'.