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  1. Can’t see us going for another centre-back after signing Muller (unless any of our first-choice CBs are sold). One striker and one wide option (possibly two wide options considering the departures of Middleton and Conway) and we should be done.
  2. No, I'm talking about the significance of the number 32 in relation to our cup exploits last season. Maybe a lucky charm.
  3. Number 32 at his most recent club, eh? Interesting.
  4. If the home leg takes place on the 12th, it certainly shouldn’t be seen as a ‘result’ if we’re only allowed 3000. Restrictions on crowds are currently planned to be lifted on the 9th, are they not?
  5. He says that he'd consider it before the end of his career. Considering his age and contract situation, I don't see why that would necessarily equate to him leaving after this upcoming season. He's still got a good few years ahead of him.
  6. Wouldn’t say this is particularly disconcerting in itself. We need a replacement for Tanser (Devine), we need a second-choice RB (Brown) and we need a back-up CB in case one of the back three gets injured at any point (Muller). Not saying that our defence isn’t about to get ripped apart, but these signings aren’t an indication of that.
  7. It was £2m, and yes, we took it. Celtic were the only top-tier club who didn’t.
  8. No, the point is that you said there was a two-year age gap between Kerr and Gordon, got corrected by someone who accurately stated that there's only a one-year age gap between them, before you responded by saying '2 years difference is a lot'. I'm not arguing about their respective qualities.
  9. Did you read the post that you just replied to?
  10. Danny Swanson got 10 in the 2016/17 season.
  11. I'd probably offer a fiver. Furlough hasn't been kind to me.
  12. Why, thank you! I appreciate that. I’m just glad that the people who were initially wanting an upbeat song in 2014 have got one this time around. I think the occasion calls for it and it’s a very catchy tune. And a couple of excellent performances from the Hellers in the video.
  13. Yeah, RG's link should take you there (it's currently on the page of a different 'The Shrugs', but hopefully that's amended soon!). As of this week, Fair Maid is also available to stream on Spotify. Anyway, really enjoying this year's song. Great fun.