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  1. The ITK poster is suggesting that they are changes which have ruined his excitement for the game, so I fear that they aren’t minor things like this. I worry that Callum will revert to his favourite 5-2-3 formation and sacrifice the Kane-Melamed partnership to do so.
  2. Not sure what you mean. A trial just means that he's been training with the club.
  3. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure recently, and I have no doubt that it has mainly been caused by reading posts from Cagey and mainstand on We Are Perth. If they could inform me that it's purely satirical (even if that's untrue), it would be the kindest thing to do for the sake of my health.
  4. If you could get in touch with Callum Davidson and tell him to stop showing interest in Naismith because you don't think it's realistic, I'm sure he'd be very appreciative.
  5. Honestly, May was one of the best players on the park today IMO. Was imperative in all that was good when going forward. Can't believe some people (Cagey and rickardo) have singled him out in particular.
  6. I think he'd happily take that wager. It's challenging enough for us to find strikers who score 12+ goals. We are almost halfway through the season and Ali has scored 1.
  7. I'd prefer to see Bryson replacing Davidson, but could envisage Callum giving him a rest tonight after playing the majority of Saturday's match.
  8. Melamed didn't see much action, but I thought he looked very good with the ball at his feet. Neat and tidy with a good range of passing. Promising start.
  9. They've done it before every match this season.
  10. I have made it to the semi-finals! Thanks for your votes, guys. It means a lot.
  11. Thanks guys! Not sure why I posted this in the Fitba Chat section. If a moderator wants to move it to Chit Chat, no worries at all.
  12. Hi guys, I've been selected as a wild card contender for a songwriter competition. It's a worldwide contest with loads of entrants and a lovely cash prize amongst many other good things (I've been made redundant recently, so take pity on me). Basically, the top three wildcards will earn a place in the semi-finals. Voting is open NOW and closes on Tuesday at 5pm. If any of you would be so kind as to vote for me ('Ollie Wale - City Lights), I'd be extremely grateful. Thank you. You can vote via the link here:
  13. Are we? There are currently four teams below us.
  14. As of last season, there were eleven EPL players and six Scottish Premiership players wearing the number 13. So it's not a particularly rare occurrence outwith our club.