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  1. Viv’s only here til January though… Two wide options wouldn’t be a satisfactory amount for any squad.
  2. He’s the 4/1 favourite to be the first home goalscorer on SkyBet.
  3. Both, in a sense. We use wingers as advanced wide forwards, ahead of the wing backs, when we play the 5-2-3/3-4-3 formation. The role of the traditional 'winger' seems to be becoming a bit less common in modern football.
  4. ‘What our game is all about’ has clearly not been working for the past few months and it shows no signs of improvement. For me, it’s time to rip that up and try something else. If this involves fielding one or two luxury players, then so be it.
  5. If you’d like to journey back in time and tell us the names of the many many provincial teams who have won the double, that would be much appreciated.
  6. Ambrose was BBC’s MoM, but the player of the match ratings are public votes and not decided by BBC.
  7. Rooney wasn’t playing as a CD. He was at RWB. Brown was on the right of the central three.
  8. He's not an emergency loan, nor is he from London. A really really good post otherwise.
  9. Can’t find anyone on Transfermarkt who matches the description and is taller than Efe Ambrose, to be honest. He’s a big guy.
  10. Ali posted a nice tweet about the club.
  11. Not sure about the police declining to mount a full investigation, but anyway, that's besides the point. Griffiths is no doubt an imbecilic individual, but he's not that thick. Police weren't able to convict him because he got around the issue on a technicality. Anyone who has seen the screenshots will know 100% that he is guilty, but the method he used to converse with the underage girl was a clear way of finding a loophole in the system. Just like anyone else who has seen the messages, the police will know he's guilty. They can't do anything about it though. Doesn't stop him being guilty. Saying things like 'she looked like she was in her early 20s' ironically does a lot more to tarnish the reputation of this forum than calling out such behaviours in the first place.
  12. I think it’s quite clear? Somebody understandably criticises a current footballer for racism and paedophilia, and the general response is purely concern that the forum might get ‘censored’ for some reason, despite the information being readily accessible in the public domain. Somebody buries their head in the sand in regards to racism and then attempts to justify paedophilia by saying that the girl ‘looked in her early 20s’, and his post gets multiple ‘likes’ for it. Absolutely bizarre.
  13. It’s honestly extremely concerning to see the posts which older posters deem acceptable on here and the ones which they don’t. Are we really that out of touch with reality?
  14. I find it a bit bizarre. Are we going to censor the BBC, every other Scottish football messageboard, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the national newspapers as well?
  15. Looking at their group, I’m pretty sure they will reach the knockouts. They’re not outstanding but they are top seeds and it makes their progress significantly easier.