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  1. I am indeed! I'll go with Spoony, I think.
  2. We were credited with an interest in Conor Shields earlier in the season, so I'd be surprised if we weren't still eyeing him up. He's the Championship striker I'd be most excited about, I reckon. Not sure about Linky saying he'd be happy to run with Kane, May and Hendry. Our season only turned around when Melamed got a run of games and we switched to two up front. It would be quite baffling if CD was happy with those three strikers after what we saw in the first few months of the season. I'm sure he'll actively be looking at players who are more suitable for the striker role in his favoured 5-2-3/3-4-3 formation.
  3. Well, yes. That is fewer appearances than Craig Conway has made for us. As I said earlier, he has made 14 starts. Clearly a fringe player and that is reflected in United fans’ opinions of him.
  4. Making an appearance in 23 out of 33 league games doesn't necessarily suggest a main player to me. For what it's worth, he has started 14 of them.
  5. I’d argue the opposite. The Pawlett of eight years ago is better than the Bryson of today, but I don’t think Pawlett’s decline can be underestimated. Besides playing in a different position from Bryson, I’d be surprised if he’s as good a footballer given what I’ve seen of him in recent years and what United supporters largely think of him. A half-decent Championship player IMO.
  6. Thought that Celtic were the much better side in the last derby.
  7. I reckon everyone could technically be classed as an exile this season.
  8. A draw would be absolutely fine.
  9. I like that line-up. Brown hasn’t set the heather on fire during his limited appearances so far, so will be interesting to see how MOH does as RWB again. Two up front. Lovely.
  10. Would be surprised and disappointed if so. I think it’s become a bit easier to work out when Callum favours the 5-2-3. Since Melamed broke into the team, Callum has only reverted to that formation against the OF and also in the Hampden matches. He attempted to persist with it against Aberdeen immediately after the cup win against Hibs, but I’d be surprised if he didn’t learn from that. I reckon the two up front will be our default choice from now on.
  11. All of the same players who were carrying knocks midweek, with the exception of Rooney who got injured during the game, so I don’t see any reason for many changes.
  12. I’d be very surprised if we didn’t play with 2 up front today.
  13. It really should be Melamed in the line-up, but I fear the worst. This could be the difference between winning by 5 goals or winning by 8 goals. Nah, in all seriousness, I’d be disappointed but it’s what I’m expecting.
  14. I'm the opposite of Abernethy Saint. I always felt confident we'd beat Dundee United in the Scottish Cup Final. We had the measure of them throughout the season. This time around, I feel slightly less confident but the nerves are also less (presumably because we're in a pandemic, there isn't such a public buzz in the build-up, and we can't be there in person).
  15. I hope he busted a gut rather than a nut. That would have been very unsuitable viewing for young Saints fans.