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  1. Waving his magic wand. Lafferty appears an inspired signing dragging them away from the basement.
  2. Well, from what I read, it turned out to be a wise rejection, as he replaced the injured Rangers captain, whoever that is, and has been a star since. Maybe we can try again next window as he will be bench warming when wotsisname returns after injury.
  3. Left work 2 hours early and still getting paid for it whilst sitting in the garden chilling with a Berliner Kindl. ich bin ein Berliner Kind!
  4. If they go anywhere, they should start at the 6th tier and work their way up. Neither would finish in the top half of the EPL, and come to think of it, Celtic would not win the Championship either. However this will never happen and we are stuck with them. Surely they were never in the running to get close to being invited to this breakaway league either.
  5. That’s Pawlett off the shopping list then!
  6. Saintdunc

    Scottish Cup

    Think he has, without looking back over their results lately, either been starting one game and on the bench for the next. Not sure if he has a player coach role.
  7. Saintdunc

    Scottish Cup

    Their position is decidedly precarious to say the least. We should of course beware of the banana skin!
  8. Saintdunc

    Scottish Cup

    Notice that Clyde are playing tonight only 2 days before meeting us. Tough ask for them unless they rest a few, especially Goodwillie.
  9. Better the devil you know! He is mental!
  10. Danny Mac on from the start on Sky right now.
  11. The club has issued a statement. Perhaps a moderator should close this thread to stop fights breaking out!