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  1. Fantastic and very cultured player. Sad to hear of his passing. RIP
  2. Glad about that, with all the subs who have to sit on it!
  3. Tam Scobbie nearly scores with a header for Kelty. Dundee Utd win, but only just. Our stats were much better! Still the best team on Tayside!
  4. Plumbing new depths! Sorry I forgot that Rory McA had gone to Cove!
  5. Edwards again. Is he trying to emulate Stevie.
  6. 36 year old Gavin Swankie finds the onion bag for Arbroath.
  7. Whilst at RDMS at Scone we played at Simpson Park in a cup final, where I played at left Back. Davie said to me "get tight on their winger, stand on his toes if you have to". So, naively, I did, and paid the price by getting sent off! 6 of the belt as well. Despite the punishment he was still a legend!
  8. Think it was probably done via facetime or zoom.