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  1. Steve Bruce is encouraged by the second half performance of Newcastle against Leeds. Good night Steve, the end is nigh.
  2. Obviously we have to carry the momentum over to this game and not let it go to our heads thinking we are unplayable and unbeatable. Aberdeen are there for the taking, and McInness, whilst he is not really on a shoogly peg, could have it loosened significantly if we rip them one.
  3. Graeme Jones becomes Steve Bruce’s right hand man at The Toon. Shoogly peg, or no!
  4. Boosts the numbers in our small squad over the winter. As long as he is not a prima donna, I am fine with this.
  5. I thought they were all immense without a failure. I went for Kerr because he was the catalyst. You could just sense something might happen when we managed to get our first corner after 35 minutes. We had not been seen as an attacking force up to the point. There was very little between most of them.
  6. Indeed, my pulse was racing even at 3-0 up like the last 10 minutes of the Final in 2014. It was like watching Brazil in the 70s.
  7. Millwall well beaten last night and Danny was rested. Rooney probably needed a rest after his performance.
  8. Rooney sang the praises of Macca on Premier Sports during his post match interview.
  9. Momentary rant, sorry! I don’t want us to be saying anything until a player signs. Why even announce that we have taken someone on trial? Was it even the club or his agent?
  10. Or he has gone to find another offer! The silence is, once again, deafening unless we are responding to Lennon’s ramblings.