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  1. Doubt if we could afford to bale him out!
  2. His wife stayed at home whilst he was he Manager at McD and he cited that as one of the reasons for going, did he not? Cannot see him managing in mainland UK even if he gets passed over for the NI job.
  3. Ali - Young Player Callum - POTY
  4. Saintdunc

    New Manager

    We negotiated his release from Millwall so that might have cost a bob or two.
  5. Saintdunc

    New Manager

    There is an old saying about never going back, and this will be the 2and time that he has. We should not think that we will automatically become Runners Up in the SPL because of this appointment. That said, I am glad it looks like he will be appointed.
  6. Prior to lockdown he was playing a minor part in the success of Carlisle!!!
  7. Saintdunc

    New Manager

    They are now at the mighty Chester FC after rapidly guiding Salford up the pyramid. No doubt forced out by the owners. That's another story though and not Sainta related.
  8. No but Stoke City fans should!
  9. Donaldson/Robertson Lambie Coburn Full backs Rennie Rooney McPhee right, centre and left half Previously mentioned Right and left wing Inside right and left Centre forward None of your modern stuff like midfield and wing backs, defensive or attacking! Oh the memories!
  10. I would agree with you cagey but I am pretty sure we played 5 up front in those days with Jim Pearson up there as well and, unless my aged memory is playing tricks, I am pretty certain that Bìg Buck and Gordon Whitelaw were in the same era. I don't recall Buck playing centre half but I know of some who said he did.
  11. Was Gemma Fay, ex Scotland Women's Team Keeper, a professional?
  12. Jimmy Blyth, fine goalkeeper, Perth born, who went on to play for Coventry, Birmingham City and others. Latterly at Celtic and Boro as keeper coach.
  13. Could it be that this virus, or something sinister, was released into the atmosphere by the Chinese, either by accident or deliberately. Did the USA have a part to play in this by selling something a bit naughty to China.