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  1. Would be hilarious to have a Perth derby in the cup. Will liven up what would otherwise be a slightly routine run to the final.
  2. Fecking millennials....... Every Saints player should, in my view, be exactly 30.
  3. Yes, but apart from all of them, what have the over-30’s done for us?
  4. That’s not good. There’s a helpline number given.
  5. It’s just about impossible to find anywhere that gives the crowd now, certainly during the game, and increasingly even after it. I think because the big stadia in the UK are filled to capacity every single week, it’s no longer considered a thing. But it is if you support a wee club.
  6. How could you forget - Rory Fallon scored for New Zealand.
  7. Dodgy pen and a worldy/fluke. Ah well. Think Mikey enjoyed his goal. Decent performance, but we really need to pick up points.
  8. You can request a hard copy certificate by phone. No one has to go anywhere near a computer or printer if they don’t want to or can’t.
  9. Many thanks for your balanced feedback. There is a link within the link provided for precisely the situation you are in. Astonishingly, the NHS thought of this - I know, wild, hey? Towards the bottom. Depending on your typing speed, it should take you between one and one and a half minutes to get your Reg numbers. About the same amount of time it took you to type your valuable contribution.
  10. Towards the bottom of the link provided above: If you've received your first, second or both vaccine doses in England, you can get your coronavirus vaccination status via the normal process by: downloading a PDF online phoning the COVID Vaccination Status Helpline This is because we have a data exchange in place with England. If your data is not showing, check another time as these files update regularly. If this is not resolved phone the COVID-19 Vaccination Status Helpline.
  11. Blimey. I’ve just checked the link again, and data exchange with England is now sorted. Order your certificate in the normal way and it will include the vax received in England. Still working on Wales and Norn Irn.