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  1. Every virus mutates and becomes immune to a vaccine. The mutations are tracked, and the vaccines tweaked, on an on-going basis. This already happens with flu. As time goes on, this should become routine. From time to time, the mutations will get a wee bit too far ahead of the tweaking, and there will be a surge in cases, again, like flu. Over time, as long as there arnt to many idiots refusing to get vaccinated, the virus should starve and largely disappear. (Unlike flu, where most people don’t get vaccinated, so it rema8ns prevalent). But we might be getting annual vaccinations for a time.
  2. Good article, although this thread was surely started with tongue firmly in cheek?
  3. He’s probably on a pretty low wage atm, as a young, untested, brand new squad player at the time. He’s since become a first-pick, and an internationalist. I think most clubs in this situation would offer a big pay rise in return for a longer contract - now, not in 2022. If his agent isn’t already bending Broon’s ear, he needs a new agent.
  4. Hope he stays for a bit. Been months since we got a manager the sack.
  5. I agree, and don’t care either. I’m just saying, that makes it harder to sack him because it would look like they’re reacting to the fans. So it’s pointless as well as stupid.
  6. Won’t that only make it harder for the Board to sack Lennon? And he won’t resign - big severance bucks at stake.
  7. It will be won. Then a memorable semi final thrashing of Hibs, 4 - 1, McCann hat-trick in his last game before departing for Celtic Reserves for £1.75m + add-ons. Rangers* in the final, where we will win thanks to an extra-time May penalty, resulting in a sending-off and life-ban for Morelos for biting-off Murray Davidson’s ear. Davidson is said to be “slightly shaken but looking forward to the Hamilton game at the weekend”. A late run sees us finish 4th in the table, qualifying for Europe. Cagey will then call for Callum Davidson’s sacking, saying “he will never be the manager John Connolly was”. Tommy by this point will be manager of Dundee, well into his third newspaper campaign against the Dundee Chairman. Gordon Strachan will be caretaker manager of Celtic, and will lead them to a glorious ten-in-a-row, thanks to the total collapse of Rangers’* form following their morale-sapping defeat at Hampden, and their ten-point deduction for going into Administration. Brechin will avoid relegation to the Highland League, as all football is cancelled across the UK just before the play-offs due to recurring plagues of locusts.
  8. I saw somewhere Strachan was at Parkhead yesterday.
  9. Edit. Not often there’s a quarter-final draw where we’d be heavy favourites to beat 5 of them.
  10. Saints - Rangers final. You heard it here first.
  11. Sell McCann for that sort of money, and Covid is paid for, with enough left over for May to get a decent hair cut.
  12. Not often there’s a quarter-Final draw where we’d be heavy favourites to beat 4 of them.
  13. The swans fly east at twilight.