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  1. Puny mortals. Surrender now OR I WILL CRUSH YOU!!!
  2. The other reason why football might stop of course is that the money runs out. The clubs will have little income beyond a cut of TV money. Much of the League’s income comes from a levy on ticket sales - that’s gone. What does that do to staff numbers, to prize money, and to paying Dougie Ross for one of his jobs? The SFA have lost international ticket sales. Post-furlough, and once the long-term nature of this sinks ion (if it is long-term), we could see larger clubs drastically cutting squad sizes, and reverting to part-time. Lower leagues could revert to amateur status. Bet Queens Park are kicking themselves now...... The problem is the uncertainty. If clubs knew all this would stop on a given date, it could all be managed. But they don’t. Who is going to lend them money in this scenario? I’d expect some dramatic announcements around the New Year.
  3. The yellow card was for serious misbehaviour, a deliberate breaking of the rules. If staff or players follow the rules but still catch or spread COVID, it’s the rules that are at fault, not the individuals. My own view is that if football stops, it will be because of a general move further back into lockdown, not a specific action against football. Always assuming, that is, that some group of players don’t do something titanically stupid again.
  4. I’m going out on a limb here, but they MIGHT be in the boozer......
  5. The unspoken rule now seems to be everywhere that if you can field 14 players including a goalie, the game goes ahead, so I assume St Mirren must have access to a goalie of sorts. There isn’t any other choice: this season won’t be completed if games are postponed every time a couple of players have to isolate. It might, of course, not be completed anyway. I think what’s rightly confusing people is the cancellation of the Aberdeen and Celtic games, clearly as a punishment. Now the punishment (or unfortunate consequence if you were blameless) seems to be you play on regardless. The bigger picture is that politicians, and increasing numbers of ordinary folk, don’t really give an enormous number of feks if football is on or off at the moment. Getting crowds back into sports grounds is just not a priority - thousands are about to lose their jobs. Some will lose their lives. And the UK Government seems to have gone completely bonkers on all fronts. Basically, I’d enjoy it while you can, as you can. It could soon be the least of our worries.
  6. Got a bad feeling about this one, and have predicted a defeat. Three points Saints it is, then. You can thank me afterwards.
  7. Meanwhile, in Bedale, Yorkshire.......
  8. It is as sure as daylight that we will get pumped.
  9. They look like old guys with their trousers pulled up to their chest.
  10. Yeh, I suppose that might mean our game gets in, although might be too short notice. We’re away, of course, and I don’t think anyone is suggesting away fans get in yet - some clubs will struggle to get all their own ST holders in. Still, a small Scottish crowd, where every sweary word and piece of sectarian bile will be audible would be - interesting........
  11. Well, except the ones on the 12 September. And the 19 September. And every game thereafter, all being well.