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  1. I seem to recall Forfar had a wee purple patch of amazing cup runs around that time, including some great games against Rangers*. I think we all had Forfar as our wee team for a while!
  2. Oh well spotted. I was going for Olympiakos Uddingston.
  3. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/st-johnstone/1441610/dundee-united-cup-hero-craig-conway-set-for-st-johnstone-trial/
  4. Dodgy streams plus a contribution to Saints Development Fund. Sorted. Allegedly.
  5. Yeh, sorry, I was jumping ahead to when crowds are allowed. Basically, talking shite.
  6. They HAVE to do a dress rehearsal, with a small crowd, so one friendly at some point (or of course the first home league game) will play this role.
  7. Genuine question - why not?
  8. St Mirren, Wednesday, I think.
  9. Or the new club could buy-out the contract clause.
  10. I’m sorry, I’ll have to reply properly later. We don’t get much internet time here in the Bar-L.
  11. I nicked a Mars Bar from Woolies in 1976. I’m very sorry.
  12. I think they have to do a trial run of the ground Covid arrangements with a small crowd, so a friendly against a wee team would do. Might even be ticket only? Or maybe ST only?
  13. Read the Secret Barristers book. It is about the English system, but much applies to Scotland. The actual core justice systems are pretty good, but operate abysmally badly, mainly due to daft cutbacks which have actually cost more money in the long run, and which daily see hundreds of innocent people probably wrongfully convicted, and hundreds of victims probably wrongly denied justice. Most folk arn’t affected by this at any given time of course, and therefore give zero feks, but the system is close to breaking down, which ultimately will affect most of us in one way or another. For example, most folk think they have a right to trial by jury - watch this space...... Having said all that, there is zero possibility of the Hearts case delaying the start of the season, or the season being voided after its start. They have weeks yet.
  14. I think average would be generous.