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  1. Some of them are shortly going to find out that’s not true.
  2. Celtic throwing that game is sensible. A Celtic - Rangers* title decider in the middle of a pandemic doesn’t bear thinking about........
  3. I genuinely think we will finish 5th this year - which means a chance of Europe.
  4. According to Radio Scotland, nothing is happening.
  5. 7th place, 2 points behind St Mirren, equal goal difference as it stands.
  6. Ordered a couple of t-shirts a week or more ago from St Johnstone direct. Is this different stuff?
  7. Scottish Cup Final is on Council Tele.
  8. Broon will be shiting himself at the prospect of paying Top Six AND Cup bonuses.
  9. 2014 Cup Final, I predicted very little right, except the crowd which I got spot on (it was a drunken guess). I think it’s the last time that was done in this competition.
  10. I suppose the two cups might keep Callum in the job, but without the league title or success in Europe, it’s been a poor season overall.
  11. It was mostly English, with a bit of Scottish, which was fair enough. The England - Scotland banter was more general. Question of Sport used to make a point of having an English and a Scottish Captain, same sort of banter.
  12. Used to love Saint & Greavsie, great England - Scotland banter. Have never watched Saturday morning football preview shows since it ended and Scotland apparently ceased to exist.