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  1. The more immediate concern might be if they sell more ST than folk are allowed in to start with. Wouldn’t like to have to figure out who gets in.
  2. Yes, I was told it’s where the builders yard is.
  3. Good luck with that......
  4. He has good contacts darn sarf, and whoever pointed him towards Melamed will be trusted, so I’d expect a few signings that will see us reaching for Google and Wiki. He has a pretty good record so far for loanees and signings, although it’s early days. Of course, Callum now has the problem of everything he and the team do being compared unfavourably with last year, the year dreams came true. We may have to be prepared to cut them some slack.
  5. No, he’s straight.
  6. My eldest got a ticket somehow. Thousands will go without a ticket. Bubble bath in the fountain time!
  7. I wonder, as the story develops, how many fans from Melton Mowbury Rovers and the like we will get on here this time telling us our best players would be lucky to get a shot at their reserves for £50 payable over 15 years, because all Scottish players are shite? Always the highlight of the summer foe me,
  8. We’re not going to get anywhere near £4m. We’ll take the best 7 figure offer - my guess around £1.5m - £1.75m plus decent add-ons. No way would Broon turn down that kind of money. But we may never know, because Saints don’t disclose. Celtic would be favourites if they weren’t in the state they are. Mid-table Championship would be my guess. There’ll presumably be the usual string of derisory offers from the Sheffrotherhampton Wanderers of the Tesco B Division South types first, no doubt. Obvs would be delighted to be wrong, but we go down this road most summers, and that’s kind of where it ends up - about half the consensus on WAP.
  9. Middleton’s free for me. I’ve watched it 20 times and still can’t figure out how the goalie couldn’t even attempt to get to it. Literally magic. If Zander’s header had gone in, though......
  10. Mid-table Championship. Should be a good test. Wonder if we will get in, and if we do, whether they will make that the Celebration Day?
  11. Remarkable how ever present the defence was. No wonder they have a good understanding. We’ve been very lucky injury wise, I suppose.
  12. Reluctant to slag McBurnie because he gives 110% for Scotland, but isn’t he just shite? Hard to see what Gerrard and Clarke see in him. Most overrated striker of our time?
  13. Easily the best football (and rugby) writer in the country. Not afraid to have a go at anyone. That will be us sometimes.
  14. Done. Takes less than 2 minutes if you skip the small print. Quite interesting.