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  1. They might have done some awards that way, but they host their Player of the Year in the Normandy Hotel, Renfrew, every year. Looking forward to this years event!
  2. Also, good news to report is that Nic Main posted on his facebook during the week to say that he has been given the all clear which is excellent news. Wish him all the best for the future. Now lets help him repay those who helped him overcome this and reach his fundraising target
  3. Hi Guys, Not long to go until the race night - hope you're looking forward to it and invited friends and family along! Why not come along and gamble a few quid and add it to the savings jar for the European Tour? The Jeanfield 208 Ladies (us well known rowdy lot!) will be selling raffle tickets in The 208 pre/post match and also at half time at the ground. If you are at the game and can't make it along to the night you can see our lovely GertieSaints at her seat below Exit G in the East Stand if you'd like to purchase raffle tickets and help the cause. Still receiving donations to the raffle/auction so will update this early next week. If you would like to place a maximum bid for any of the auction prizes please DM me by Saturday 31st March at noon by the latest. Raffle Prizes: Bottle of Malt Whiskey Angus Gordon Cut + Blow Dry (Perth) Falkirk FC Signed ball + shirt Falkirk FC 2 x matchday tickets St Johnstone FC weekday lunch for two Park Plumbing Gas and Boiler check (worth £80!) Mhairi's Hair design Cut + Blow dry Arran Cosmetics gift Olympic mugs Car Valet Numerous bottles of spirits! Auction Prizes Signed Scotland top Saints signed match ball and top from promotion season to SPL Liam Craig signed football boots Signed Dundee United top Donators Scott Gordon Steve Kinnon + Family Peter Ogilvie Angus Gordon Park Plumbing Scottish Football Association Falkirk FC Dundee United FC St Johnstone FC Liam Craig Mhairi's Hair and Design
  4. The ladies will be selling raffle tickets and horses at Aberdeen, Dunfermline and Killie.
  5. Hi, The Jeanfield 208 Ladies have organised a fundraising race night for Brain Tumour UK. This will take place on 31st March 2012 at The 208, 7.30pm. The ladies will be selling horses at the saints games in the run up to the event if you would like to 'own a horse' for the evening (£3), or to sponsor a race (2 bottles for the owner/jockey) please get in touch. Raffle tickets will also be sold at £1 per strip, and any donations of raffle prizes would be gratefully received for this excellent cause. Brain Tumour UK has been selected as the chosen charity due to the involvement it has had with Alan Main's son Nicholas as he was diagnosed with a brain tumour at just 19 years of age. Nicholas has set up a justgiving page, if you cannot make it along to the race night and would like to donate you can do so using his page: http://www.justgiving.com/nicholasmain Race nights are a fun way to raise money. Hope to see many of you there bringing friends and family along. All welcome. If there's one thing Saints fans do well it's fundraising.
  6. I remember people frequently saying he would never be good enough for Saints etc...
  7. Can we pull up the posts about Anderson from 8 or 9 seasons ago? Maybe even 3 seasons ago? Really delighted for Anderson to have come onto his game in the last season and a half and as someone I would describe as a confidence player, his extended run in the team and playing alongside Duberry for that period of time has developed his game even further. Even in that time he covered Dubes mistakes and is doing the same for Wright. Seen a few quotes about Slomas being impressed with his attitude and long may the settled back line continue. When are we opening talks to keep him for next year or so? Testimonial year coming up... I know our ex-chairman was a fan
  8. If you're talking about Jim Jeffries vs Geoff Brown it is nothing new, many of us have been saying all week there would be a personality clash there and can't see him being in contention...no matter how often he is whoring himself about the press. Only Geoff (and probably a few members of the board) will know who we are seeking to replace Del. All this speculation and rumour is just guff being banded about. Extremely boring! I trust Geoff.
  9. Don't forget how good Christian Daily is with the media - gives very open and honest opinions in their presence? Cheats, F'ckin cheats....
  10. It wouldn't surprise me - I think Del going anywhere would be dependant on taking Tony Docherty with him. I know this was the case for another club that was interested in Del and the reason he didn't go. Would be gutted to see him leave but fully agree that McInnes deserves his opportunity and a new challenge elsewhere - we've had a great 4.5years with him and surprised we have managed to hold on to The Chuckle Brothers this long.
  11. Oh don't worry it was at our end alright - the celebrations were phenomenal! Great team performance today, worked hard, rode our luck and stuck on in there. For them to have a penalty, hit the woodwork and have one cleared at the post by Jody in the first half you had to wonder how we were gonna cope in the second half. Step up Dave MacKay... didn't realise how big the deflection was at the game until I seen it on youtube there but to be honest I don't care... To see that celebration by the squad at the goal was clear they have the belief and passion to succeed, as does the full time celebrations by Del. An enjoyable walk into the city centre with all the **** with no smiles on their faces, was clear I was a Saintee by the grin on my face - or until Bridgeton area anyway, maybe thought I was a *** top of the league as the pubs were full waiting on the Sellick to stroll passed I doubted our chances today (and lost a few pennies for it) but is a real wake up call to those who have done nothing but criticise lately...There's a reason WAP has been so quiet lately as it's been a chore to read. We are in this together and move forward together.. Bring on the Livi!
  12. Ooooh! I was expecting the predictible response of you are mini chopper... But yeh you're right, we'll be waiting a long time for that... It would mean having no vodka for 9months. I'm not ready to give that up yet!!
  13. A great team performance - for me we had Enkleman to be thankful to for still being in the game with immense saves when we were riding our luck! Enkleman, Wright, Morris stood out for me.
  14. Oi oi! Enough of that.... A mini Chopper is not a good addition to the world.....