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  1. Can we not change the title to open top bus for Davidson
  2. Definitely seem to be a bit more on the ball when marketing is involved I had an email straight after the game had finished about cup final merchandise
  3. Interesting wee fact from Hamilton saying that they have spent £270000 on Covid tests this season
  4. Definitely not Melamed just seen him wondering about the town
  5. I’ve got a feeling that livi could be the ones to drop out of the top 6 allowing us and st mirren in
  6. Off to Shrewsbury town seemingly
  7. Not sure how often he’ll play up there unless it’s on his loan he has to play ??
  8. Aye not sure about this either wonder if it’s a loan with an option to buy at the end of it
  9. £3 million loan deal with a bit of luck
  10. Is he attached or out of contract
  11. How many players recently have done the same ?
  12. Melamed needs to be signed up for next season ASAP
  13. Rumours of Callum Hendry loan deal to Aberdeen