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  1. Wasn’t overly happy when we signed Conway but must admit today showed his worth two different goals the run for the first excellent the set piece magnificent, his general play, ability to see and find a pass but his game management and the amount of times he can buy us a foul when he wants showed his worth i may even be a convert
  2. Normally would agree but thought today was his poorest game for ages Bryson played ok when he came on
  3. Hendry on Twitter thanking spoony for letting him take pen obviously hoping to boost his confidence
  4. French eddy just tested positive for COVID am assuming he’s picked it up travelling to France but if he had it on Sunday and some of our players now test positive and have to isolate do we have to forfeit our two cup games 3-0 and possibly have to call off our game via Hamilton?? We have such a small squad and with Ali and Danny missing the cup games as it is we would be seriously stretched
  5. Would like to think we had some sort of option for a 2nd year if he comes in and starts scoring like we all hope would hate to see him end up moving on for nothing at the end of the season obviously if he’s a dud then we don’t have to take up the second year but would be nice to have some sort of deal in place
  6. The boy looks good although I would have preferred a montage of six yard tap ins but we’ll see how he goes
  7. I was thinking that he might need to get a strong cream from the doctors, they look pretty inflamed
  8. Does anyone else think macron just produced to many of the blue strips then realised that saints don’t have a massive fan base and ended up just dying the top half yellow to get rid of the extra ones
  9. Midfield for the first game this season looked good, worryingly still missing chances but at least we are making chances to miss them, hopefully if we keep playing like that someone will get a doing
  10. If it had been any other team apart from saints I would say it was deliberate unfortunately I don’t think our social media team are good enough to think of something like that
  11. Anyone know if the games will be streamed if not live on premier sports
  12. Well we can be bottom now as Aberdeen’s game v Hamilton in now confirmed as on on Wednesday
  13. Can’t be bottom on Wednesday as Aberdeen are on 0 points but agree with the sentiment we are being punished for the action of some of the Aberdeen team
  14. Would think sky might have something to say about this as well, think the only option is to relegate Aberdeen and promote ICT in there place