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  1. Sounds promising just googled him good at giving youth a chance, works with little or no budget, plays a decent style of football and a proven track record well worth a punt
  2. So does anyone have the name that’s being rumoured ???
  3. Do you think we will have sacked him by then as well ?
  4. Someone spoken about on here or a surprise?
  5. Totally agree, we have already said we are going to take our time why would a guy in a well paid job say he wants to move and upset his currant employer before he has even been asked to move
  6. Just seen the goal, great run from May to pull the entire Aberdeen defence out wide to leave McCann the freedom of the pitch to score with a great finish
  7. Think Wotherspoon is as good a player as Kennedy but unfortunately nowhere near as consistent as him, Spoony can play unbelievably well in one game but then goes missing for weeks he needs to be at yesterday’s level a lot more consistently
  8. courier saying he’s signed
  9. looks like Sorensen deal dead going for this lad according to daily record
  10. But then you’d have the directors surrounded by opposition fans not sure how they’d be happy with that
  11. Only problem I had with it was we ended up in the padded seats with Celtic fans behind us but because they were in hospitality they were allowed to be in the main stand they had all been drinking before the game and we’re coming out with snide wee comments during the match, we spoke to stewards but they said the club had allowed it
  12. Tommy Wright had a "positive" meeting with St Johnstone chairman Steve Brown on Monday, and insists there is "no divide" between manager and board. Wright appeared to be at odds with the Perth powerbrokers on Friday being so far unable to add to his "thin" squad during the January transfer window. Saints are eighth in the Premiership after beating Kilmarnock on Saturday. "People that know me, know that I have a wee rant every now and then," manager Wright said. "I have had a positive meeting with the chairman this morning. There is no divide so everything will hopefully fall into the place in the next few days." Lessons from the weekend Premiership games St Johnstone 'not close' to new signings The St Johnstone manager said last week he had to offload players before he could bring new ones in, adding that he had missed out on a number of potential signings. And Wright, whose side host Celtic in the Premiership on Wednesday night, hopes to have a few new faces on board before the transfer window closes at the end of the week, with winger Matty Kennedy having left for Aberdeen on Friday. "We are in talks with Inverness to try and get Jamie's [McCart] pre-contract into a permanent one now, and there are discussions ongoing with other clubs at the minute," he said. "There are a few things happening, so hopefully later on in the week they will materialise, there are still a few days left in the window, and if we can get Jamie done and possibly two others, then that will put the squad back in a healthy position." Home fans in one stand can 'galvanise' support St Johnstone recently announced that they would be giving Celtic and Rangers supporters three stands for their remaining league meetings with the Old Firm sides at McDiarmid Park this season. The move will mean home fans will be housed solely in the West Stand and will come into effect for the first time on Wednesday. As well as generating increased income, the club said it will create a "partisan atmosphere" from the home support. And Wright added: "It will probably galvanise our support, I think it will bring them into the one stand, I think the majority of our fans understand why the club did it. "It is a decision I know the chairman has been talking about for a long time, I believe Kirsten [Robertson - head of football operations] probably looked at it in a bit more detail and reported back to the board, and the decision was made. "I was fully aware that they were going to do it, because they did ask me in terms of what effect, if any, it would have on the football side, and I didn't think it would have any effect. In fact, I think it might have a positive effect for us, we are getting all our supporters in the one stand."
  13. Lot of people hoping for a change of ownership on here only problem with that is how many bids for the club have we had over the last 10 years ? I can’t recall a single one , even fan ownership has never been brought up. Until someone buts a bid in then brown can do what he wants