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  1. Robert Thompson saying loan deal signed today
  2. They’ve announced him but are still trying to get work permit sorted
  3. Starting to think Eetu’s work permit hasn’t come through in time for him to play this weekend nearly 5 on a Friday afternoon and still nothing announced
  4. Came away from watching saints tonight with a sense of disappointment that we didn’t win, but also one of immense pride in how far our club has come. This team has done its part and now it’s our turn to fill McD next week a roar us into the conference league
  5. Not sure the new head of recruitment would have been needed in Turkey
  6. Reports middleton coming back can this day get any better
  7. Sure I’ve seen a couple of times that a fee has been agreed so assuming it’s permanent
  8. When is the signing deadline for the European game next week
  9. Callum did hint at two signings coming in last week am expecting saints social media team to be warming up as we speak
  10. That happened to me got in touch with the SLO on Thursday was emailed within 10 mins with my details and received my season ticket this morning
  11. Looks like someone’s jumped the gun with this either this is the Stevie may saga all over again or they’ve lost the new top
  12. I had sort of hoped when we started handing out longer contracts that we’d moved away from that but you’re right happens every year