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  1. Well we can be bottom now as Aberdeen’s game v Hamilton in now confirmed as on on Wednesday
  2. Can’t be bottom on Wednesday as Aberdeen are on 0 points but agree with the sentiment we are being punished for the action of some of the Aberdeen team
  3. Would think sky might have something to say about this as well, think the only option is to relegate Aberdeen and promote ICT in there place
  4. Callum on radio saying they’d discussed taking mikey off after clash with keeper but decided to leave it, second half much better but allowed them to much space last 10 mins a better team than them would have punished us but good point overall
  5. Has anyone received the email from club this morning
  6. Seems to be a few english championship clubs looking at him not sure we could afford him but if you don’t ask
  7. I emailed club today and got this Hi Michael Thanks for your email. I am currently on hold with the finance company as we are having a couple of technical issues with the link that we need to send to supporters to complete the finance application. I’m hoping it will be sorted before 5 pm today and if it is, I will be sending out the link later on this evening. If you do not receive it tonight, it will be tomorrow morning. Apologies for the delay, we were hoping to have this in place before now. Thanks Tracy St Johnstone Ticket Office McDiarmid Park Crieff Road Perth PH1 2SJ Tel: 01738 455000
  8. Pretty sure either along the back four or a defensive midfielder
  9. Only available to season ticket holders no PPV
  10. No I haven’t either phoned club yesterday and was told email from the club coming today/tomorrow with link to finalise everything
  11. At least they never bothered with former Rangers player Jason O’Halloran
  12. Robert Thompson normally pretty accurate when it comes to saints
  13. So going to be a Xmas signing then?
  14. Anyone know what the hold up is with Conway signing seemed to be a done deal but as usual with us not a peep coming out the club