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  1. Do you remember what happened last season when we played Dundee at new year?
  2. I'm laughing at how much of a pile of rubbish the rumour is
  3. So where is this big announcement that was supposed to be happening at 5pm?
  4. *** Clancy has been training with us
  5. The top 2 teams will be Germany then Poland we can get 3rd place at best
  6. I'm not wrong i don't have to prove anything
  7. Naw I'm not angry i just don't like it when folk tell me that I'm not a true fan unless i have this or that No thanks the chances are the dude that does the tattoos is a old firm fan and anyway i don't need to get a tattoo to prove I'm a true fan I'm still a true fan without one
  8. I don't have a tattoo so i mustn't be a true Saints fan then even though I'm a season ticket holder and i go to all the away games including Celtic on Sunday
  9. It will do us all a favour if they actually lock the whole lot of them up and throw the keys away
  10. There is nothing wrong with taking yogurt to the footy
  11. The more i think about it I'm sure the police dude was being serious
  12. Aye there would be i would be breaking seats and all