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  1. Hi, Read your post about Logie Green. I have been doing a lot of reasearch on local history in the north of the city, and the site of the "stadium" (bit of grass!) was always a little unclear. However, the attached photograph makes it a little more apparent. The space to the right of the old Powderhall was Logie Green, which in later years became Powderhall's car park and most of which is now B&Q and new housing. Funnily enough I am stilltrying to ascertain what Tesco was before it was built. It may have been a factory of some sort but I'm not too sure. Hope you enjoy the photo's !

  2. No. It's more the somewhat "retro" nature of the lyrics that bothers me. Smashing song though. I would prefer a mass pipe and drums rendition of Donald Where's Yer Troosers myself.
  3. It is a song though. It is not a national anthem. Why do events 696 years ago have an relevance to Scotland today?
  4. Work in progress amico (that's Italian). I think the criticism was more on the inherent xenophobia of the post rather than the grammar (that just annoyed me, and, YES, appeals to my pedantry). It's the general level of post(er) on here that irks more than anything else. WAP has become about as interesting as Perth city centre on a wet sunday morning in November. Ironically, you actually come across as witty, amusing and entertaining. At least on P&B you can bait St. Midden and Dundee fans. Actually AT MOST on P&B you can bait St. Midden and Dundee fans! Blimey! I am having an epiphany! Perhaps I am just no longer interested in grown men wearing shorts and running aimlessly anymore?
  5. Amigo is Italian. Adieu is French. The writing style is conversational. The spelling is correct. Love those rolling eyes. School off today is it? That is all. Slán agat....that's Irish gaelic. Toll............that is too.
  6. Funny, I always thought a forum was a place for deabte and exchanging ideas. Clearly I am incorrect. I don't really post that much anymore as it appears to have been taken over by tedious bores. Anyway, to begin, as the medium used here is the English language, it may be advantageous if you could use it correctly. Avoids confusion and misinterpretation. Regardless of what youtube clip you had picked it would have had no effect on my opinion. Two wrongs don't make a right amigo. And yes, a full scale battle is not the same as booing a national anthem, but both are equally pathetic. As is singing Sound of Music songs at a football match. You didn't answer my question regarding your choice of footage incidentally. Mere coincidence you chose England fans, or another great example of that charming Scottish tradition of blaming England every time something goes wrong? Makes one swell with national pride so it does. Anyway, have fun. I have better things to do than post here. The best posters on things St. Johnstone related are all on Pie and Bovril anyway. Fact. To quote ice cream man Duncan, "and for the that reason, I'm out." At least you got the Edinburgh Saints section out of me, and thanks to others, two cracking days out in Dundee. One league (almost) secured, and a nice wee cup! Good luck in the future. Funny how life imitates art isn't it? Clique toon; clique forum. Adieu. p.s. you missed a comma out between "forum" and "and".
  7. Presumably picking a 10 year old piece of footage of England fans rioting is a mere coincidence? Can't recall much bother in recent years. Would it not have been more germane to show footage of the Spanish racially abusing black English players, or is your xenophobia more selective? Just saying likes.....and you spell renowned like this.
  8. He didn't though did he? I believe his point was that OTHERS (presumably the media and half witted supporters), say that a goal in the last minute is luck and a goal any other time is good play. The second stanza is in the third party. Damn tricky English comprehension. Jaysus.
  9. If there was a "like" button I'd press it. Well put that man.
  10. Can't argue with any of that. Spot on.
  11. Furthermore, I am so glad that there are people in this world who are so certain of the truth. Very "enlightening" (sic). Me, I am merely a humble peasant. As David Hume opined, "Religion? It would take a miracle for me to believe in it".
  12. I believe in coyotes and time as an abstract myself.
  13. Didactic. Solipsistic. Intansigent. Intolerant of others opinions. Kapish? The phrase "what on earth" did make me chuckle though.
  14. Valid points. I didn't defend religious fundementalists. How can anyone? If we are discussing Dawkins on a theoligical basis (which i thought we were), didacticism is wrong in whatever circumstance. It comes as no surprise to me that he is catagorised as a "popular scientist". Ergo, science for the dribbling masses. I believe in freedom of thought. He doesn't. Here's a good counter argument for you:
  15. The problem with Richard Dawkins is that he is ultimately a Fundamentalist Atheist. He is also a horrendous human being who believes (sic) that his opinion is the only one that matters. Equally as bad as a Fundamentalist anything else in my opinion. Frankly, I have no idea what/who created this terra firma we call home. No one else does either. All speculation and rhetoric. However i think Douglas Adams put it quite well: "Isn't it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?"
  16. It will never catch on. You will be suggesting decent admission fees and entertaining football next...
  17. Alternatively, there's this: ..and it's free.
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    Like Andy Jackson?
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    ....and relegated?(!).
  20. How about pumping Zyclon-B into the studio. I would tune in for that.
  21. ******* right he ******* did. Right up the **** too!