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  1. Albion Rovers away

    put my name down.
  2. Concorde - 50 years old

    Thinking of a more famous Concord, I remember seeing Concord turn at Perth back in the 80's. The Open was at St Andrews and some American golfers hired it to take them over. It landed at RAF Leuchars.
  3. Away Day

    No problem, hats off to you for even getting it this far. Lets face it you have done more than most in organising these things down the years. I'll still raise a pint (or two) to you down Murrayfield way!
  4. Away Day

    If there is space put my name down. I'll only be going one way though as I am making a weekend of it.
  5. St Johnstone TV

    Check out the likes of when SJFC are playing. It is not just about BT and Sky channels. Some clubs have their own TV and no doubt someone will stream the game, Aberdeen for instance. That said if you are looking for home games then you will be limited to the BT/Sky games.
  6. Oh the memories, mine were Sweden Euro '92, oh happy days! Took a ton of money and no surprise came back skint.
  7. Aberdeen vs Saint Johnstone Sat. 29th April

    and here's me looking forward to hearing Craig Brown cheer on Aberdeen!
  8. Aberdeen vs Saint Johnstone Sat. 29th April

    Anyone managed to get a tv link for this?
  9. The River Tay

    Interesting videos and explains what the council is trying to do a lot better than I understood from the papers. One point to note is the bridge video highlights A&J Stephen's development at Scone. Strange that they should highlight this development when it hasn't got planning.....Unless it is a done deal and both the developer and the council are going through the motions under the guise of transparancy.
  10. Caley!

    See you at 1!
  11. Hi there,

    Are you taking the car up to Dingwall on Saturday?  If so could I get a lift?  If not I'll see you in the Mallard.


    1. cristo


      I am but I'm working in the morning til half twelve. I'd normally go straight over but have to go home and pick up my sons then head back across so I'll be later than usual. Where do you live?

    2. saintie


      In Fortrose, but I can easily meet you in Inverness.  I was thinking of catching a train south later in the evening, so could I leave my bag in the car and get it after the game?



  12. Hi Kev

    I have to work on Sat am as usual. Greg and Ian are coming round to my work between 12 and quarter past so we'll get away at bang on 1230. If you want to do the same it's National Windscreens on Carsegate Rd, IV3 8DU.

    We will be going round Stadium Road, so happily pick you up there at 1230


    Kenny  (07479 940832)

  13. Room for 1?

  14. Room for 1?

    Any of you kind folks going down on Saturday and have space for one more? This will only be a one way trip for me as I will be staying over on Saturday night.
  15. Saints v Sevco Wed. 28/12/16

    For those (like me) who cant make it tonight, the game will be streaming on at 19:45