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  1. It could go either way. I'm enthusiastic about Max, the return of Wotherspoon and Kane. Bair may come good. I think there's signs of MacPherson turning us. Hallberg is quality. I'm dreading the very realistic prospect of Callum just carrying on doing exactly what he did all of last year. Can't see where the goals are coming from. As I've said before he has 11 games to prove us all wrong, otherwise his time is over. Fingers are well and truly crossed.
  2. Leigh Griffiths will never play top level football again. He's a Riordan, an O'Connor. He's done.
  3. I think MacPherson might come good for us, there are signs there.
  4. He's not even good enough to be reserve keeper. Needs to be new no 1 and Sinclair on the bench
  5. We didn't have a POY because of Covid? What a pile of shite
  6. If this is all true, which I'm not sure it is, then I'm back in the 'get rid' category
  7. It's still very much a 'live' topic - why would we shut it down? If 20% are supporting the manager, 80% are not.
  8. I'm prepared to give Callum the summer and the first round of games. If we see no changes in his style of management, his tactical awareness, his signings or his adaptability, it's time to go. But I've softened my stance a little admittedly, but only temporarily. Things haven't changed by Oct, we still have plenty time and a transfer window to sort it out No way does he deserve a full season in charge unless things improve drastically.
  9. Thank ****!! Brilliant result. Phew. Well done Callum and the boys!