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  1. Shibbydoo

    New Manager

    Wouldn't listen to a word that coont says
  2. Shibbydoo

    New Manager

    Darren Fletcher will be unveiled as the new St Johnstone manager within the next 10 days. Exciting appointment.
  3. Average squad age of 24 and a decent starting 11 and bench. Let's get this season started!
  4. Does someone have an updated list of our squad as it stands for next season? Sorry can't find one anywhere, but have a feeling we might be looking a lot better than a lot of other squads in the league.
  5. Shibbydoo

    New Manager

    Callum please! Or Jody if he fancies it (unlikely). Callum please, surely he's very interested.
  6. The same person who had always decided. Steve Broon.
  7. Thankyou Tommy! I still can't watch Ando's header at the back post without tears welling up in my eyes! What a day! The Euro nights, the sustained success. ****ing brilliant! You are a big sexy north of Ireland bassa and I ****ing love you! Forget naming a stand after him, he deserves Wright Park. All the best big man, you are a true legend!
  8. Could the BBC not use the cameras they already have at the matches to organise a pay per view with the league and the clubs? Show links to each match on the BBC Sport website. They are already at the match anyway.
  9. Why would closed door games be a huge drain on finances? Play in daylight. No police needed. Players already being paid. Just curious why you think that?
  10. Pretty sure than have telephones in the north of Ireland
  11. Austin MacPhee? That greasy wee d*** at Hearts??? There must be another one!