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  1. Why would you keep MOH? Swap him for Conway, and I'd be happy with that.
  2. Why would Brexit rules affect us signing an Israeli?
  3. Did Tommy Turner not score a beauty back in the day too? Or did I dream that?
  4. Has to be 4-4-2 doesn't it? Unless CD has some crazy idea of playing someone mental at WB? Wouldn't be surprised. :-(
  5. Not much to fear from the seeded teams except of course either of the arse cheeks fae Glasgow. History suggest we'll get one of those in Glasgow.
  6. Jesus - we just won't 7-0, imagine it had only been 2 or 3. What a pile of sh ite you spew
  7. Is there a highlights show for the cup? Or is it being ignored because the 'big' teams aren't involved?
  8. Don't think so. Think you are wrong. They were talking about them not being tested on the radio this morning. Edit : you are right! But they only need tested to play Premiership teams
  9. So are we about to play at least a couple of teams that haven't been tested? Seems a bit crazy after how strict the top division has been!