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  1. I'm sad to report I've given up on Saints already this season. If the club don't give a ****, why should I?!
  2. Can anybody tell me why the game is on at 2pm? Was gonna come but can't be there by 2pm. Saves me £25 I guess.
  3. I bet you £100 he does. Charity begins at home!
  4. Shibbydoo

    Betfred Cup

    Nice wee £75 in my pocket. Saw that coming a mile off
  5. Shibbydoo

    Betfred Cup

    After watching us against Inverness I'm not even slightly shocked
  6. Shibbydoo

    Betfred Cup

    Montrose have had 4 shots and 1 corner Saints have had 1 shot According to bet365 at HT :-( GRIM.
  7. I thought Duffy looked like he will be a good signing. Nobody was terrible other than McMillan who I thought was utter mince. Hardly made any subs, maybe we don't have enough players to risk it.
  8. Inverness looked hungry - great youngsters! We looked a bit meh! Just a friendly. And just to top off the night the son of my boss scored their 3rd.
  9. Oh and McMillan has done sweet FA so far
  10. Ando off Duffy moved to CB McCann at RB McLean on for Ando Only change I think
  11. 1-0 to them All us until the goal Swanson seems fine