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  1. Especially when they are hopefully gonna make us even more pennies ;-)
  2. 2 Saints youths - nothing at all wrong in following their careers with pride!
  3. Kerr not even in the Wigan squad - what a move! Ali on the Preston bench
  4. We'll get 7 points out of 9 - it's what Saints do
  5. After calming down a wee bit I'd like to revise my statement. But please don't do that to us again, the club were in control, have some balls. Saints forever (no matter the pain)!!!
  6. Was so close to buying a Season ticket, thought I'd hold off until today. No chance now. My poor dad bought his yesterday. Good to know how little the club think of us - total highs to gut-wrenching lows in one night. Can't see me bothering to drive down n the A9 again this season. F*CK you Brown.
  7. F*CK you Steve Brown! F*CK you.
  8. No transfer news then - just 2 pages of bickering
  9. Macca's goal in the final for me - I don't think any of us ever expected to feel like that, was amazing! It was the football equivalent of a first orgasm haha