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  1. We need to freshen up. Davidson out - literally anyone else in. McCart, May to anyone who takes them. Middleton back to Rangers reserves Back 4. Hope for the best. It can't be worse than what's definitely going to happen if we keep setting up and playing like this
  2. Seen this coming a mile off - Kevin Thompson would have known exactly how to play against us. It's just far, far too easy. Even McPake will know.
  3. It's the same system every time, like for like subs, absolutely no flexibility. The players can see it isn't working too, there's only one person responsible and as much as I still love Callum, he has to go, now. He's playing players out of position constantly and he brought on Craig at the end when we needed a goal. Vertainen sitting there. It's poor, poor management, simple as that.
  4. Do the right thing Callum - this is a disgrace
  5. Reports from P&B - we are brutal Playing in exactly the same manner as every other game
  6. He did take a sore one didn't he? Shin was it? Could be heavily bruised
  7. Swy about that - I'm obviously no happy in my nappy. Definitely not as happy as a shit in pig.
  8. Some really quite ridiculous responses to very valid posts - don't cwy??? Wtf. WAP has become the Evansabove show the last few days.
  9. Lots of money going on Kelty unsurprisingly. Down from 6/1 to nearly 4/1 in 24hrs.