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  1. Shibbydoo

    Scottish Cup

    No Old Firm in the final so why bother? Disgrace. But no surprise.
  2. I take it there hasn't been any update then?
  3. Sorry to start a new thread but I can't find any info on Shaun Rooney's injury (now that The Courier charges us to read it!) Any chance of him being fit enough to even have an outside chance of the Scotland squad? I know it's a long shot ;-)
  4. You weren't sitting next to me and my dad at Celtic Park were you mate? We all took a tumble over the seats in front of us when Stevie MacLean scored the 2nd??
  5. Here we go!! Now I'm fukin nervous. What a change from the morning of May 17th 2014, for a start I'm not ridiculously hungover after being dragged home against my will in the pre-match celebrations. COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Why would you keep MOH? Swap him for Conway, and I'd be happy with that.
  7. Why would Brexit rules affect us signing an Israeli?
  8. Did Tommy Turner not score a beauty back in the day too? Or did I dream that?