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  1. Their sales seem to be showing down a bit. For context, we have just under 3,500 unavailable seats between East and our sections in main (excluding directors box and red zone) and Hearts have sold just under 3,500 tickets. As it stand, the crowd would be just shy of 7k although I'd have thought we would have a number of fans who just buy tickets in the day before leaving house. We had c4k home fans v Livi the other week. It may be either the case that we have had a genuine big bump in home crowds and/or there is a slight change to the way we count attendances (actual through the gate vs Tickets sold)
  2. Yeah, I totally get that and it's the right way to go, but the club hasn't told the season ticket holders how to go about buying the extra tickets.
  3. Am I right in saying we are 4 days away from this game and club still don't have home tickets on sale? I'm a ST holder, so doesn't directly affect me, but that's really poor from Saints. I doubt there will be many home fans that don't already have a ST that want to go, but still..... Anyway, on the game, it's maybe not a bad game to have as our first without probably 2 of our most influential players now. Hopefully with Rangers players being away on international duty and returning from Covid, we can be a bit fresher. How we set up defensively here will probably not be much of a guide as to how Davidson will set up going forward. I think he will go with a back 4 and have Mazz and Liam starting in midfield. Feeling it will be Kane on his own up top and Eetu on bench.
  4. I think we are probably sitting on a hefty sum in the bank. Back of fat packet maths, but the club had c£2m in bank pre covid. The aborted season, we furloughed most staff, still got the season ticket money, sponsorship, tv and prize money, so probably not a huge loss. Last season, club still banked the season ticket money, sponsorship, tv deal, prize money from 2 cups and played off a load of staff. Will have taken a hit, bit the £2m will have more than covered it. This season, we have the covid loan (assume for now it covers just the covid losses), c £1m from Europe and now £1.8m in transfer fees up front. If you assume the loan or the £2m covers covid, you would have to say we have around £5m minimum in the bank right now. £2m already, plus £1m european and then £1.8m transfers. There will of course be delays in Euro Prize money and transfer fees etc, but roughly, that is what we should have. Even if you were really negative and say covid cost us double, we should still have £3m.
  5. I think a lot of the scottish transfers to england will be fairly back ended as there will be no issues with visas etc, so clubs down south may be focusing on those deals first unless they feel they might get out bid etc. Are loans still allowed post deadline? We could possibly see more of the deal structures that are initial loan with agreement to buy in January. Allows clubs to spread the cost out, but also to get around d the deadline if needs be. I'm still surprised Ferguson is not away to be honest and obviously McCann from our side. Doig and Porteous are vastly overrated. Biggest question we have though is which Millwall loanee will we get if we lose someone on deadline day? Also, would folk object to a straight swap of Hendry for Kennedy?
  6. On the pitch, he is exactly what we need, off the pitch.... no thanks. Would kill the feeling of the club. Slightly concerned we are into the past day and a half and still no one else in. On the flip, delighted no one is out and no real rumours either. Maybe once one or two moves happen elsewhere it will all kick off.
  7. The alternative way to do it is to keep the saints 2/3 of the main and keep the whole Ormond stand. That would be north of 3k home seats. East stand fans mainly in Ormond, pack it out and get the songs going. Obviously standing is allowed in there for these games anyway.
  8. I think there is too many season ticket holders to shift everyone to the main, especially with the red zone. Maybe the club will assume that not all ST's will want to go. As an aside, was there an issue with the ticketing system for the LASK game? System showed east and main as sold out, but there was a lot of empty spaces and not just random seats here and there, there was blocks of seats free. I think the way to stop Rangers fans getting home tickets is to fire out a tweet now to get fans to sign up to the database if they are not on it, with the stipulation, no one not on the database gets a home ticket. That or say if you are not on it, you must buy a ticket for more than one home game.
  9. In reality, if we lost the 3 players most likely to go, yes, we will be weaker, but maybe not as much as everyone assumes. Rooney, for all as he was good in the 2nd half last season, he has been no where near that level this season. Brown looks to be improving with each game for me, so shortly we may not see that as a big drop defensively. Going forward, yes, we loose something. McCart you could argue is the weakest and least key of the back 3. He's looked of the boil the last few weeks too. While I doubt Muller is the answer, it might be an easier position to fill that at right back. £250k with conditions to a rival team would be no good, but maybe £300k down south and a sell on clause would be worth considering. McCann would obviously be a big loss and nearly irreplaceable within Saints budget. But, we still have Davidson, Craig, Gilmour and Bryson who could all arguably fill that role. Longer term Ballentine looks like he might add something too. We all know Saints are a club that will loose it's best players and needs to make the most of them while we have them and to maximise the compensation when we loose them. So long as we can recruit one or two to add to the squad on a permanent basis and not have to rely on loans, we should have enough in the squad to still have a good season.
  10. I think what was frustrating about last night is the saints team of the 2nd half of last season would have won that game. Combination of fatigue, injuries, usual slow start to season and some poor decision making was our undoing. The players will learn from this though and so with the manager and coaches. You could tell LASK had the experience at this level, especially when they went ahead. I think the other factor is that while we have 3-4 good technical players, the european teams seem to have 6-7. Not to say that makes them better, but when they get in front, they can keep the ball much better and zip it about more. Moving on from this, this will be where Davidson can show just how good a manager he is. If he can get the players fired up on the back of this and use the disappointment positively, then we can go on to have a really successful season. If they players wallow over this and we loose too many players, we could struggle. Scotland will have 5 european places again next season, so not impossible we can get one of them again. I'd argue better than 50/50, so provided we have the same core squad this time next year, the learning over the last 4 weeks couple prove invaluable.
  11. Ormond is getting pretty filled up now. Just a handful in the top part right across excluding the end sections and the front rows still has space. Would say maybe 200-300 ish left overall. North has more space, but would say roughly half sold out now. There is maybe 1,500 left overall, which is an impressive amount of sales in really just a day and a bit. Guessing most Saints fans who want to go will have already got by now, with folk buying tomorrow over phone who are not so good at buying online. There will be sales throughout the week, but I wouldn't expect just a huge about more sold than there is now.
  12. Yeah, I saw that and heard it over the tannoy, but I'm pretty sure that cannot be right though. There is no way the ground was only half full. Main was pretty much full aside from the red zone and maybe a couple of hundred in the saints end. Away stand full and probably 2/3 of east full.
  13. The north stand was on sale right from the outset. Looks like the Ormond is over half sold out already and middle bit of the north looking like a fair amount sold already. Would guess that there is <2k seats left. Which would mean the club has shifted around 7-8k tickets in what 6 hours? Ticketing problems aside that is pretty impressive. Imagine how long that would take if it was fans queuing up at the ground? Even if we sold zero more tickets (obviously unlikely) it would be a cracking attendance and atmosphere.
  14. It's right up there. Interestingly, maybe it's not the greatest single moment, but one of the most iconic. How may other goals could saints fans know what one it is just by the bit of commentary? For me, it is either May's 2nd in the 2014 semi vs Aberdeen or Maccas goal in the final. at that point, we all knew we had won the cup.
  15. I dont think the reserved stickers have been used to indicate reserved seats for years. I would imagine any that were there before the clean have been there for years. Good point on the broken seat though. There is a fair few that while still in one piece are pretty knackered. Seem pretty bendy now. I see a lot of clubs have replaced seats much younger than our in recent years. Guessing that after 30+ years they have done pretty well. A fair few Frankenstein seats in the front rows hidden from view.
  16. I am assuming it cant be the case, but could the hold up in starting to sell the LASK tickets be down to the system not being able to sell tickets to two home games at the same time? I say that with no technical knowledge, but throwing it out there as a possibility.
  17. Has the makings of a cracking atmosphere. I've a feeling big Zander will be rested as he looked in pain after his knee jerked. I think Davidson will rest one or two of the back three. Was Gordon not rested for the Arbroath game? Will be all the sweeter when we beat Utd with a not full strength saints side.
  18. Was a really competent performance from Saints. I was surprised how easily we cut through them early on. Hopefully we dont rue the missed chances as the more the game wore on, the more they got on top. Probably a combination of tiredness on our part and them figuring us out a wee bit. In no way over the first 3 games have we looked out of our depth at this level. Will be raising saints profile internationally, which can only be a good thing. IF we got through, they players will just continue to grow. I'd be minded to rest a fair few for Utd game, but equally cannot rest too many and take a battering.
  19. Got a bit of a fear about this one. They are a really good side and while not as big a name as Galatasary, a team with recent impressive results in Europe. I think in the first leg maybe Galatasary underestimated us, but I doubt it will be the same tonight. On the flip, our players will take great confidence from the last tie and maybe playing in a near empty stadium will be a leveller, coupled with the experianve we will have. I can imagine for a lot of the players, Instanbul was a completely new experience. Middleton playing is a big plus. If we can still be in the tie by the 2nd leg, I'd be happy. Worst case scenario is we loose by more than 2 and the tie is dead for next week.
  20. I think the difference with the last match was the assumption that if there was an 'open' sale, we would have had loads of Galatasaray fans buying tickets. That will not be an issue with LASK fans. Also a bit surprised we have not started selling tickets yet, but assuming they will just open up the ticket system on say Monday or after Utd game and it will just be a free for all. Guessing, given the lateness, there will be no priority for ST's, but not getting normal seat aside, there will be plenty for everyone.
  21. Sounds like Utd have pretty much sold their allocation already, 2,800 seats, plus the 2,700 season tickets is already five and a half thousand. Not to mention the non season tickets, so should be over 6 at least hopefully. Bodes well for the rest of the season. You would assume, County, Livi, St Mirren and Motherwell aside, all games will be c4k and above.
  22. That's what I mean, club may be willing to listen to offers over £xm, but be looking for more. The only 'source' anyone has is steve Brown saying we want more than our record sale, which was £1.875m.
  23. Which hopefully becomes more. Club may be willing to listen at £3m, but get couple of clubs interested and that can rise quickly. Even if the fee doesnt, the add ons will. I think ultimately that is where we may make the most on McCann. 20% sell on for a player, who in England could potentially go for 8 figures would be massive for saints. Actually worth sacrificing some up front fee for.
  24. Didn't realise it was so much. Added to this, we will have got money from the europa league games for being there, so with that, the money from the home game (will also have been some tv money) and the minimum if we are knocked out, you are probably close to €1m guaranteed minimum. Get to the group stages and clearly even more. Take the €3m and then add 3x home games at even 7k home crowds, plus sponsorship/hospitality etc, then getting to €3.5m plus before you add points. Roughly, getting to the groups alone with the 2 home ties to get us there will probably net us €4m plus.
  25. In a way, delays to permits might be to saints advantage. On the one hand, we rarely sign overseas players, so less of an issue for us bringing in players than others. On the flip of that, if it is an issue for clubs and delays transfers, as we get closer to the close of the window, clubs down south will be more reluctant to buy players from abroad if they think there is a 4 week wait to play them, (managers can go with a run of 4 weeks lossses) then they may look to Scorland more, which will push demand and prices up, McCann being the obvious big impact for us. A £2m valued player, can quickly become £3m and so on.