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  1. Think it might actually be more. If you order more than 1, you still just get a single reference (I think!). Suspect we'll end up around the same number as last year.
  2. Maybe the club should offer to use the balance of season ticket money for 19/20 as a seed for a 'foundation of Saints' type scheme. Allow fans to pay in a fixed amount every month with money going direct to club, separate from the youth set up. Say it was 50k or something as a base and if 2k saints fans put £25 in each month, would be around £600k per season. That would see us through any other lockdowns and if not needed, then would be a good source of income for the club and/or ultimately a share of the club for fans (still not sure about that model). I don't really want my ST money back and would rather it went to help Saints, but at the same time, saints could be clever about this.
  3. I think this is something that will ultimately be a bit of an equaliser for saints in these strange times. We benefited for a long time from financial stability while others around us imploded. Meant we could compete with the likes of Aberdeen and Hibs for players. I think in the short term that will come round again. We will be able to offer some stability at a time a lot of players will be desperate for that. As we have seen with a lot of players over the last 10 years, Saints gets under their skins and they feel at home here, grass isn't always greener etc. Callum I would assume will keep that feeling around the club and if it means we might get a few players that are better and cheaper than we would have maybe got otherwise due to covid-19, then there is every chance we keep a hold of them for longer. Added to the fact Callum is well known and respected in the scottish game and it appears down south, then I could see a lit of players wanting to work for someone like that. Strikes me as a players coach and we will likely have the yang to his ying in Macca who will rip heads of players not giving 100%.
  4. To be fair, it was Steve Brown himself that said that focus had been on restructuring etc. No harm in Saints taking the time. I suspect it's been known by Saints and the new manager for quite a while what the plan was. Equally, players will have been identified by current coaches and new manager.
  5. Here you go:
  6. Saints actually for once have valuable assets tied down to decent length of contracts. Kerr, McCann and Hendry would all command a decent fee as is, never mind with another good season behind them. McCann in particular has all the attributes teams all over Europe would look for. I think post Covid, clubs in England might be more inclined to look north for players, due to a combination of tighter finances and if this continues a bit longer, I could see ayers less inclined to want to leave continental Europe if there is repeating lockdowns.
  7. It was a great sports bar and if we could replicate it next to McD, then Saints would make some great money from it. Stick it at the grass bit at the top of the car park. Seem to remember the saints top came from Calumn Davidson who had a connection to the Uni, possibly through the tennis. If Saints long term plan is to use the pitches behind the east stand as full time training ground, we probably need to get another full size grass/hybrid pitch in. One possibility is to do something where the away busses are parked. If we were to build a training pavilion at the back of the east (or incorporate into a shop/sports bar etc) then that would free up some space in the main stand from the changing rooms for the astro pitch, which could be used to increase matchday hospitality.
  8. I fully expect Davidson to be the new manager and will be appointed in the first week back at training w/c 22nd June. Wouldn't expect material changes in terms of coaching structure beneath him either
  9. Given the extra money from a 6th placed finish and having virtually zero wages outgoing, Saints might be in a position to be relatively 'generous' with short term contracts on the provision that players understand they will be freed. Upside is it's the right thing to do, but also breeds good squad unity at a time we need as much of that as we can get. Would be zero cost to saints, but potentially big gains. The likes of Anderson deserve more from Saints than just being let go at the end of his contract, when there is no realistic possibility of getting a deal elsewhere at the moment. We messed up years ago with Alan Fergusson, let's not be dicks again.
  10. Will be interesting to see how this plays out. How would it work in football though. If your co tract ends and you get offered a new one, would the govt allow that player to be furloughed? Football has odd rules re contracts, so I wonder if there could be some issues there. On a wider point, this could all be to saints advantage. Squads will definitely be smaller and potentially some very decent players available lookimg for less money than previously. Would imagine, while Saints are negatively affected, we might come out of this stronger relative to other peer clubs. It's a shame to see Swanson go, but the right decision all round. On his day, a great player, but we cannot carry someone for another season who doesnt get enough game time on the wage he is on. Could still do a great job for someone though. Would be brilliant at a St Mirren or a Livi. I suspect Murray and Wright might still be here next season and if the club has any savvy, Liam will be on a player/coach contract. Kane, I think will be a victim of this change in circumstance and combined with the emergence of Hendry will likely be away.
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    Nobody can ask her as she doesnt communicate.
  12. I think Tommy had been thinking about it for a while and probably has been close before, but as he has mentioned many times he resolved and differences with SB. Suspect Kirsteen wouldn't fight any suggestion from Tommy. Might be best timing for Tommy and the club, more so for Tommy. Just an observation, but Clelland seemed very 'assured' in his interview. Could just be confidence or may e he feels the timing is right for him to step up. I suspect saints will take their time here, but I'd rather we just appointed someone and got in with it. Now is a good time to assess the squad, watch back games from this season and identify targets. Would be interesting and tellingbif Tommy had already started the prep. I dont know enough about kirsteen to comment, but my initial impressions from her lack of communications and visibility isn't great. I know there isn't much to be said, but I still think she should make some comment, even if it is to thank Tommy for his contribution.
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    Almost certain that we will end up with one now. Only factor might be the initial cost and whether we can afford it at the moment.
  14. If the decision is down to kirsteen, then well get someone like Barry Ferguson, Jim Duffy or Danny Lennon (all horrific names). If it is down to Brown, it will be Clelland and Maybury (cheep option, but may be ok) and if it were fans and a board decision, it would be Callum Davidson. I'd be happy with Davidson. Fits the mould, knows how the club operates, plenty of experience coaching and has respect of the players. Alternatively, Hopkin or dare I say it Levein would also understand the club. Doubt Jones or Morris would be interested. My only concern with someone like Davidson or even Sherrin etc is the John Connelly era. Sometimes fans views are clouded by sentiment. Equally, pleasing the media like with Billy Stark could be a disaster.
  15. A pre season friendly apparently. They'll also be hoping for an outside chance of restructuring and going up. As much as I find it funny the protestations from sevco fans with their tin foil hats on, it's not beyond the realm that Dundee have done to behind the scenes deals. They have a history of this kind of thing, remember the 3 way swap loan deal involving scott Alan and Scott Bain. Not to mention the Boston overseas game proposal from a few years back. For me, I would always want to see the season played out, but the longer this goes, the less possible this becomes. Mainly players contracts being the issue in scotland. If it is a Utd and Hearts swap, then for saints, this might be a small positive in terms of attendances. Plus, we can always remind Utd that they 'faked' their way to a title..
  16. You really really don't just end the season as it is right now. Ok, from a saints point of view, its 6th place vs 7th. A bit of money aside, it means very little, but can you imagine how the fans of certain clubs will react? Rangers fans will claim the Celtic title is nul and void and celtic will claim it's not. Cue arguments for years to come over number of titles etc, which, while on a personal level, couldn't care less about, you know it will rot away at scottish football. Hearts have an even stronger argument. They are within 2 games of being out of bottom position. Not to mention the ripples down the leagues too. The push from uefa/fifa to conclude by end of june is over placing for european competitions next year. To solve that, just hand out them based on current positions, but still play out the rest of the season. So, for example, Motherwell get a European slot, but might actually finish 5th and not qualify. To compensate, say Livi who finish in the European slot, pay them a 'solidarity' payment equal to what Motherwell get. This way, you can finish the last 8/9 games of the season over say a month, have a couple of weeks off for a 'pre season' and setting up fixtures etc and then play a condensed 20/21 season using midweek slots and ditch the league cup and winter break. For the conclusion of the scottish cup, find a week and play it like the Euros. Semi's on the midweek and final at Weekend. To think we need 9/10 full months to play put a season is nonsense. Historically it was so, because of small squad sizes and winter weather, but we can get around this surely.
  17. Agree re the point that fans may struggle, but clubs could allow deferred ST payments or pay what you can. Ultimately, seats are not going to be scarce, so better to fill it, even if it is just a few extra quid. What will be interesting is the out of contract players and whether they become self employed or whether saints can claim the 80% contribution from govt. A fair few clubs will struggle and maybe this will be the rebalancing in football that most of us have predicted for so long. What this highlights You is how hand to mouth a lot if clubs are, even in EPL. Even the c£2m Saints have in the bank wont see us long. Like most of society, football will look very different when this ends.
  18. To stop the season now would not only be grossly unfair to all teams, but also, cutting of our noses... With still 8 games to play, that is all revenue all clubs will want to still get. Bot to mention that it will a) be summer(ish) football, so bigger crowds and more potential revenue and b) fans will be desperate for football AND many will want to support their clubs through this. Get the rest of the season played as soon as it is safe to do so, sell 'remainder of season' season tickets and get next seasons ST's out ASAP. Allow for folk to choose to defer payment if they want until things are back up and running. If it means only a week or two between this season and next, then so beit. Like most things with this, a lot is just deferred.
  19. From what I have seen over the last few bits from Steve Brown, he has not said one positive thing. It's very clear he doesnt want to do it anymore, but if hes looking for someone to take it on from him, he is doing to worst possible job of encouraging someone in. As a season ticket holder, nothing he says makes me want to renew and is actually putting me off. What he says about trying everything to get crowds in misses the point. He should be asking the fans that used to go and dont now why it is. The post cup win inaction will forever be a big fail. I'm not sure who his speak to or what purpose when he does these interviews, but everytime it ends up being a total car crash. From once being such a forward thinking an innovative club we are now way behind the curve and I dont see much being done to address that. Finally, where is Kirsteen in all of this, why is she not the one speaking. At hibs and Motherwell you always hear/see Dempster and Burrows.
  20. Pretty much exactly my thoughts. Dont think Brown has out in much and while he does a lot of work at the club, you could argue that it is protecting his inheritance. Free hospitality and travel to away games is a nice perk. Dont begrudge that at all. Have to ask why he did the interview at all? Why did the chief exec not do it? Still really to hear from her aside from a single interview with the daily record, which I suspect very few saints fans actually read. It felt like he threw her and Tommy under the bus a bit. Not sure of his intentions, bit I'd didn't help Tommy, kirsteen or the fans.
  21. No, but it's a deffinate advantage.
  22. Nonsense. So who did decide the prices? Both clubs have to agree and if they cannot, it defaults to the league prices, which saints set. On Livi, they have the best home record mainly because of the pitch. They are outnumbered by most away teams. It's not making excuses to to go to games. The reality is that our 'core' has dropped from 3-4k, to 1,500ish. Folk aren't going to stop because of fans getting moved stands, but it plays into the wider narrative of fans having been taken granted for years. I've a season ticket, but never enjoy games vs the OF and totally get giving up stands for league games. But, for the cup, I think we should make everything as uncomfortable as possible for them and that means less fans. If we follow the logic of maximising revenue, why dont we give them the whole stadium and we take the ormond?
  23. Nope, just nope. Fvck right off saints. I can just about get on board giving up home advantage for the league games, but for the cup? Chance to do something different here, but SB shat it and gave up any home advantage whatsoever. I'd have been happy if we had even shared the ormond or something and made it cheep and filled the saints end. Mind in 2014 when we won a wad of cash and we celebrated for ages after? No me either, I want a cup and if it means taking a financial hit and playing in a half empty stadium in a QF to do that, then bring it on. And at £25 a ticket? If we give up home advantage, max out on the ticket prices, otherwise make it cheep and fill the home end. At least it will help pay for the plastic pitch next season.....
  24. Couldn't agree more. McCann is a proper footballer. Plenty of ability, but loads of grit too. The way he chased the ball down near the corner in the 2nd half was great to see. Good hunger. Hendry is really taking his chances in the team now. Very mature performance as the loan striker tonight. Still no idea how he won so many headers off much taller defenders. Like McCann, you can see improvement week on week. Long may that continue. Both seem to have a good attitude too. While McCann did well on loan at Stranrear, it didn't really work at Brechin for Hendry. Testiment to both how they used different loan experiences to their advantage.
  25. Can I throw another ticketing scenario into the mix. Give Celtic the original away allocation plus the east and half of the ormond. That would give saints c3k seats, but over 2 stands Then, as a sweetener to the saints fans, announce that the extra dosh is used to put safe standing in the yellow section at the north end of the east stand. At c£80 per seat, that would cost c£50k, which would be more than covered by the extra income from this game. Win-win.