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  1. Interesting that May is now up to 8 goals for the season. Already, that would make him top or joint top scorer in 3 of the last 10 seasons! Granted a fair amount have come in the league cup, but if he can hit double figures pre christmas, that would be a big confidence boost for him. Given we have 4 contracted strikers all being different types of players (although cannot really call on Melamed), I'd say its more getting the most out of what we have than changes as such. I'd argue give the current climate and the squad we have, Calumn doesnt/wont add to it in January, so there is no excuse for not extending contracts etc. I would expect to see that if we open up even a 10-15 point gap on the bottom spot between now and Christmas, the club should be becoming increasingly mindful of contracts nearing their end. Don't want to over stretch on extensions, but might be able to offer less money with stability to some rather than the players looking for more elsewhere, but at the risk of covid cuts once signed. We have some really valuable assets at the moment, so need to be protecting them.
  2. This is a really dangerous route for the SPFL to go down. You cannot start having points deductions/awards for team as a punishment, when the rules have not been in place all season. Say Killie were to get relegated by being a couple of points behind St Mirren due to a forfeit game while St Mirren were able to postpone. Would be more chaos than there currently is. The game is tearing itself apart. All games should be played over the course of the season regardless of exactly when. If it means 4 games a week for some teams once they have no isolating players, then so be it. For the good of the future of the game too, the entire SPFL leadership and board must replaced at the end of this. There is no trust and so to have any future, new faces need to be introduced that have no history of infighting or the Rangers saga, Hearts demotion, poor TV deals, armageddon predictions etc etc etc.
  3. Red Zone is arguably the best sports programme on TV. I find it perplexing when folk don't seem to get behind the national team to be honest. I can understand interest waining a bit as we are all becoming more global in our backgrounds, but for some, it's almost like it is binary, Saints or nothing. I'd understand if say Scotland games were on at the same time as Saints games, but surely we can support Saints and the national team? They will never play each other, so it's not like they will ever be opposed. On the suggestion of Kerr, as a Saints fan, I'd be delighted to see him called up. As a Scotland fan, I'd be worried! LAUGH OUT LOUD At the moment, there is no one good enough. Considine got in for his experience alone. He's less likely to make a mistake as Kerr, although, I accept Kerr has cut a lot of the mistakes out and will likely play at a higher level. Bang on though about players getting overlooked historically at Saints. O'Neil, Main, Davidson (c) and May, should all have been capped while at Saints. I remember Tommy Burns saying (sneering/laughing) about McFadden when he went to Everton that it looks better to have an Everton player than a Motherwell player in the squad list.
  4. Uh oh, Eduard has tested positive for Covid. Given he played against saints on Sunday, is there a risk our players might have to self isolate? Could this game begin doubt?
  5. It's because the Israel team are effectively staying in a bubble for their whole visit. They'll not be mixing out with their bubble while here except from on the pitch. On the pitch, they are obviously outside and not in a confined space for 15 mins with any scottish player. Also, they will have been tested constantly before and after they get here. Guy wont have the same bubble and while he'll get the tests etc, if he was just let loose, he could go into any shop he wants etc. Given they way the fixtures fall, he might not actually miss a game, just wont be able to train, but I'm sure the club will give him a training schedule to do on his own or depending in where he is staying, a coach could coach him at a social distance. As an aside, he'll have to have some mental strength to come to a country he doesnt know, to a team where he knows no one and have to iolate for the first 2 weeks. Hope the other players have given him a list of take aways and the club are doing food drops. Doubt there is a massive Israeli community in perth either. I know his mate plays at Celtic, so maybe he'll be staying in glasgow.
  6. I think this is part of the problem. Club has been gutted from the inside out and given a lot of the players have been around the club for a long time, this will no doubt filter into a more negative dressing room. Add to that the obvious 'issues' that Tommy had before leaving. On the pitch, no, it's not been good enough, but we aren't miles off the pace. I know it is well said about the fine margins, but it is true. If we were getting overrun like in the Stark days, then I'd be really concerned, but if we had just turned one of those losses into a draw/win, then really wouldn't look nearly as bad. I think CD knows what needs doing, just needs to get there. Let's not forget, he's not a total novice at this, he'll be seeing what we all see, but cannot exactly come out and slag off the players or the club this early on. Have faith.
  7. Couple of really frustrating things with this game. We we much the better team for the first 40 mins, but heads went when we lost the goal. Still an issue for me is that we are far too quiet. Arguably (although never would be given) there was a foul for their goal, but McCart was never in the ref's face to create doubt. Conway had loads of opportunities/corners, but kept throwing in the same ball. County defence must have been loving that.
  8. Erm no. I'm suggesting that at some point, Saints are going to have to do some serious maintenance at McD, be it structural, internal or seats etc. All I'm saying is that it might be now cheaper for us when the time comes had it not been for covid-19. Equally, at some point in the not to distant future, a decision will need to be made around whether Saints would be better to redevelop/replace stands or look to move on. I'm guessing the shelf life of a football stand is probably 40ish years. My overall point being that should we need to do anything, builders and trades people will be looking for more jobs, which might reduce costs.
  9. Agree. Also, probably an unpopular opinion, but really, sports grounds should be almost one of the last places to reopen. Open air terrace possibly, but seated semi enclosed stands should be a no no until vaccine found.
  10. Putting aside the short term Covid impacts, will we come out of this stronger or weaker than our peers? Given we have cut right back on the non playing staff, I'd imagine while we will have significant losses this year, it will be covered by the c£2m rainy day fund, but I cannot imagine other clubs will be in the same position. Off the pitch, will crowds come back to what they were or be down? Equally, given we will be in an economic downturn, could saints be relatively well placed to maybe make some infrastructure changes at a lower than pre covid cost? For example, can we make cheaper improvements to McD or even relocate to a more appropriate stadium, say the other side of the bypass?
  11. Seeing his name pop up as he scored last time we played the Czech Republic, I see Ikechi Anya is a free agent. Would do a job for us. Only 32....
  12. Bang on. Post furlough, things become tougher. Costs go up massively and if no extra inCome, jobs will have to go.
  13. Did we ever hear how many season tickets we sold or any detail on how many fans subscribed to the Saints TV PPV? If there is some positives here, it would be good to make the fans aware. A good news story would be that £x went to the youth academy from season ticket holders foregoing the discount in this years tickets.
  14. Also, I would imagine the wage bill will be reduced from last season too. Lower squad size, higher earners like Swanson and Wright away (albeit, we may be paying Conway a decent amount) and likely Kane and Craig on reduced terms. The extra c£100k from getting 6th place will have helped. On the extra tv money, we wont be getting a much as we should have. League had to compensate BT sport for lost games and Sky effectively clawing theirs back via the current deal. I suspect we will be pretty much loans for any players coming in. Rangers in particular seem to be getting creative on loaning out players with deals to follow and I wonder if some English clubs may follow suit. Could be some decent players available for less wages than would have been last season.
  15. Of all clubs, allowing Celtic to be a 'test' game would be utter stupidity. 1k out of c50k season ticket holders would cause chaos, not to mention the higher probability that fans would gather outside the ground in either the hope of getting a ticket from one of the 1k and/or to support the team from outside the stadium. Not to mention the fact that one of their players blatantly breached the rules. Same goes for Aberdeen. On a wider point, as much as I'd love to actually go to a game, it would be foolish in the extreme to start letting increasing crowds into games at the moment. Could you really safely socially distance fans in and out of any top flight stadium in Scotland? The empty stadiums for the games are equally horrific, but in order to continue to get any games, realistically that needs to remain for the foreseeable. As an aside, I wonder what will come first, fans in the ground or an away kit?
  16. Totally agree. We have enough I'd say to avoid relegation, but last few games has shown that the squad is a bit light. Ironically, as much as he didn't overly impress last season, Jason Holt would fit really well into this system.
  17. To be fair, based on this season so far, he's not worthy of a place. Crossed fingers though, that he's not included as he's had a change of heart and wants to play for Scotland.
  18. The goal was offside and the penalty was a 50/50, but in reality, we shouldn't have been at the mercy of these decisions. Game could and should have been won long before that. Think we are OK defensively, but the forward looking formation doesnt work with the players available. MOH behind a front 2 of May and Hendry would be best suited and assume is the plan. Conway, I'm afraid on the showings so far is no better than swanson was. Craig was stupid to mouth off like he did, but to me, he is the only 'voice's in that side. When we got the goal chopped off, there wasnt enough shouting by the players and same from Gordon when he conceded the penalty. Not that I was to see players berate the ref, but when decisions are incorrectly given against you, put doubt in the refs mind for the next time. On the positive side, we are still mid table, despite throwing away 6 silly points and have played 3 if not arguably 4 of the top 6 slides in our first 5 games. Bar the Rangers game, we haven't looked worse than any of them.
  19. I'd go with this too. I think the Trio of Craig, Wotherspoon and Davidson will almost be rotated as the season goes on and injuries come into play. On MOH, I agree with those that say he isn't an out and out striker. For me, stick on the wing if we are playing 4 in midfield or if a 5, play him central in an offensive position. I wonder though if maybe CD might be tempted to play him up front in a two, but sitting just off the main striker. May and Hendry for me, would be our best pairing, but either as a long striker with MOH just in behind them picking up knock downs or drifting across the back line could be effective. As an aside, is Kane injured or just nowhere near the team?
  20. I think if Rangers needed/wanted to, they could have taken more off us. We weren't terrible, but I think we lacked a bit of experience in that side. Not necessarily age, but just someone a bit more streetwise at the back. We look short on numbers, but I get why we are not signing many at the moment. Agree with those saying Parrish wasnt great, but he wasnt terrible either. Always think anything in the 6 yard box should be the keepers, but was let down a bit by defending players. In a way, not a bad game to have all being considering. We expected nothing, so get the match fitness up a bit at relatively little cost in terms of points. Would have been interesting to see how we would have done had we not been 2 games short of planned and at least 3 games less than Rangers. Gordon was lucky not to go off. He's usually got at least one of those rash challenges a game, maybe having a defender as a manager will help him and Callum was right to point out that the foul for the free kick was a bad decision by Spoony. Killie will be a totally different game and I'd hope we will take it to them a bit more.
  21. An interesting point. I'm sure there is no guidance here, but what if he had come on and scored the winner? What's to say he didn't do enough to stop Killie winning the game? If the Aberdeen players were/are deemed ineligible, then he must be too. Unless they are just assumed 'injured'?
  22. I understand it would be catastrophic, but if the rules continue to get breached, whatbother option could there be. The players are in a privileged position. If they cannot see that they need to put their careers before a few nights out, then they don't frankly deserve to be a professional footballer. Agree on your point that clubs will need yo be punished. I wasnt for Aberdeen to start with, but a totally, when you see what a mess postponed games will cause, then something needs to be done. I cannot believe that no one at Celtic knew the player was away to Spain for 4 days. Maybe not management, but surely the other players must have known. Someone must have asked him what he was doing with his 4 days off. Sturgeon pretty much said that shed expect the clubs to be punished, but not a chance in hell the SPFL are going to go anywhere near Cektic with anything other than a token fine. Clubs need to sit down ASAP and agree the rules and punishments going forward or we will not see any football beyond this month.
  23. Government would be well within their rights to pause the season to be honest. Aside from the 8 Aberdeen players, there is Griffiths and now Bollingolli. If players cannot be trusted........ I doubt they'd 'end' the season, but I wonder how far into the season you'd need to be to declare a champion if/when the season is ended? Only when their is not enough time to restart it or over a certain number of games? Like with the Aberdeen players, should Celtic have other players having to isolate that have been in contact with him? I know there is a 15 minute rule, but he must have got a bus/car to Rugby park and shared a changing room.....
  24. You are right, more games will go this way and if we get a 2nd spike. SPFL really need to sit down now and game out all scenarios and get an agreement from clubs on what will happen. If we do get a 2nd wave, clubs should all send a fixed squad of say 20 players and stay in locked down hotels and play the games in the Oram in Edinburgh, 2-3 games a week for each team, a game a day staggered and complete the season from whenever it is paused.
  25. I cannot see saints being awarded points as it sets a difficult precedent for the SPFL. At most, Aberdeen might get a fine. Any sensible organisation would have accounted for this and set some rules and guidance, but SPFL I can almost guarantee will have not. Saints loose out in terms of revenue, albeit small, from advertising and 50/50 draw etc and obviously the disadvantage on field. However, if the game is postponed to later in the season when possibly fans are allowed in, then we might get a financial upside. I'd like to see the SPFL be very strong on this, but unlikely.