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  1. Thought Chris Kane worked tirelessly tonight and he also had a dig at Broony.......Good Lad.
  2. No paying that for a bench warming squad player
  3. Saints in the Community call on you personally and if your no in or lying pi**ed then tough
  4. Easily done with phone call: " You qualify for a cup final ticket can you attend Yes/No." As you have answered NO we will offer your place to season ticket holder 1251 (using your example). Staff take date and time refused and recorded if possible or someone else confirms with ticket holder that they are sure they will not attend.
  5. It should not be a draw. When season tickets were renewed/bought all indications were that if crowds were allowed back into matches at McD with a limited attendance then those getting in would be based on when you ordered and purchased your season ticket. If 250 then the first 250 who purchased If 1000 then first 1000 who purchased. We were all given an order number at time of purchase so will not be difficult for club to contact those concerned. Would be rather annoyed if it were any other method used to select those attending.
  6. It would appear that Aberdeen's offer would allow 500 spectators into the ground. So 250 each team but then if that includes directors, sponsors etc then further reduced. How do the clubs allocate who goes. Also to consider financial implications - I may be wrong here but sure I read or heard somewhere that 2014 final at Celtic Park was a money spinner for only one club Celtic to the detriment of both finalists. Consider players as well - they would like to play a final in National Stadium.
  7. Those other "Big Teams" are wishing they could achieve what our team has. They are not aware of our secret weapon and the media sports "experts" have not picked up on it either. During what is a fantastic season there have been no spectators allowed in stadiums. As has been highlighted in previous years by the press - our support level is low. So basically we are used to playing in stadia with few supporters so this year has been to our advantage compared to the mega big clubs. Oh we also have a good management team and squad of players but we will never get credit for that.
  8. Aye especially at this busy time of year with long hours spent lambing and tattie plantin'
  9. Nope - live in different areas. Also not sure if they share cars or use own under covid.
  10. Forget the money - Do it for the pride of being the team that was still in Europe at Christmas. Euro fund in place just hope it is countries we can get into.
  11. It is a player whose isolation period will be finished before the Celtic match and who did not feature at Easter Road last Saturday. You are not thick and no need for your nurse to translate.
  12. Listened to Dogger Saint podcast where they had a signing exclusive................. Elliot Parish signed 1 year contract.
  13. Zander and Liam both out injured - no mention of Ferguson or Conway being injured. Zander was 50/50 - stubbed toe (per P & B poster Perthsaint1977 who is usually spot on.
  14. Teams: LINE-UPS from Easter Road Stadium Hibernian v St Johnstone (15:00) Hibernian: Marciano, Hanlon, Porteous, McGinn, Doig, Gogic, Irvine, Newell, Wright, Boyle, Doidge. Substitutes: Macey, Gray, Magennis, Stevenson, Hallberg, McGregor, Bradley. St Johnstone: Parish, Kerr, Gordon, Brown, McCart, Booth, Bryson, McCann, Middleton, O'Halloran, Kane. Substitutes: Willis, Rooney, Davidson, Wotherspoon, Conway, May, Gilmour, Melamed.
  15. Larky must reckon we need two left sided midfielders (auld number 6). One must be a back up
  16. Done them out of top six now lets dump them out of cup. Rerun of 2014 final with same result will do fine.
  17. Watched it again on Sportsound...........just as good second time round.
  18. Where is Randoom Guy with his Zander stats now. Rangers had 8 shots on target and could only score 1 goal. Zanders saves two penalties and oh by the way has an assist for the equalising goal.
  19. Rename the Centenary Suite to " The Cup Winners Suite" with memorabilia from 2014 and 2021 on display.
  20. So it's a battle in the next round between the only two teams who can do the double. Incentive enough for both. Saints will have to be at their best as Rangers will up their game to try and beat the only cup winners this year so far.
  21. Bringing him on for penalty shoot out!!!