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  1. Saints v Motherwell away
  2. Thanks Stevie that was a quick response to Dave H post.
  3. As Cagey has said this should have been forward planned by SPFL regarding how to deal with this situation. All the present system does is cause a backlog of games but agree that points being awarded to opposing team is unfair. Perhaps a system where teams cancel games of a pre agreed number then they are deducted points - similar to clubs who go into administration. This would have to have been set out prior to any games being played. Only a suggestion but no doubt will be shot down by some.
  4. How many times are they allowed to cancel games because of Covid without questions being raised and action taken against them?
  5. Sure it is only for live league matches at McD not for everything that is on Saints TV.
  6. Try emailing Bev to sort out for you.
  7. They would have to pay me to watch them unless they are getting humped from Saints.
  8. Dave was also a PT teacher at Stanley and Perth High School. Weird sense of humour - during double PE football he tackled our school team centre forward - Gordon Mitchell - who swore - got sent off - 6 of the belt from Dave and suspended from the school team.
  9. A few there I would have but no the Goallie "Adrian", he makes Zander and Parish look good.
  10. Hope it is not any that played today.........they were absolute mince.
  11. Sure Callum stated before vote that he was against it so sure Saints would have said "against" but others must have gone with the OF.
  12. Difference between 11th and 12th in league.
  13. Thats what happens when you take a defender off and put on another forward for a minute. Shame defenders done well until last minute.
  14. How fit do you have to be to be a bench warmer??
  15. Would imagine it was McCart in January window. The cash situation atthe time in Inverness would mean they did not let him go for free.
  16. Random Guy bit of a push to say Swanson was a match winner when he only made 7 league appearances last year and contributed nothing. Ando was also at Raith full time so hardly in our dressing room. Stretching your argument a bit with these comments in my opinion.
  17. That would be two of you then as Callum looked as if he was doing the same.
  18. Whatever it takes and whoever we have to get rid off Bring Him Home.
  19. 3-5-2 with MOH as a wing back!!!!
  20. When was the last time, if there ever was, when an ex Saints player made a successful manager of the club? May be an expensive error Mr Brown.
  21. Absolute mince. We are clueless and toothless