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  1. Just a thought but will Macca be able to play on Hearts new Hybrid pitch they are meant to be getting. I presume they have thought of that already but would be quite amusing if he cannot?!?!
  2. Hard to choose just one today from a good team performance but opted for Zippy as I thought he ran his heart out, great headed goal and good knock on for Lappins goal.
  3. Just in from work and was hoping for some good news........ah well bed it is!!
  4. Im technically on my last year of getting me and the young lad in the Ormond stand for £15. After that we will have to pay another £8 to get in the Ormond. Thats still the same as me going in the Main or East on my own so can't complain too much. I'm surprised the Ormond is not used more by families to be honest. Okay the view from the East is arguably better and I would prefer to sit in there but at the end of the day I am at the game supporting the team and can afford to attend more games that way. Saints have done well in this aspect.
  5. Not sure about the logic in this signing but will bide my time. I would say tho that there are other positions I would like to have seen filled before a right back?!?!
  6. Did not think Fraz would feature week in week out this season but felt he would of given his usual solid performance when he did play. It will be hard to replace with someone who has the same dedication and courage. All the best Fraz.
  7. Mikey O and Zippy are my only contenders but will go with Cummins for his goal.
  8. Another poor goal conceded and the distribution from the back is all humph it up the park. Mikey O had some great runs but should maybe have played some balls earlier in to the box rather than hitting the touchline, mix it up a bit. Muzz put a shift in yet again but Scobbie for me is a weak link at the moment.
  9. Are there anymore left footers we can squeeze in to the starting 11 other than the 5 we started with on Saturday?
  10. Muzz by a long shot for me. Only one in the starting 11 with a bit of fight.
  11. Thought Spoony improved slightly when he went in to the middle of the park rather than out wide but did have another poor game. I also thought that having 3 left footed players at the back made us unbalanced. I cannot recall a Saints team with 5 left footed players in the starting 11.