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  1. Yip, onc the initial first 30 mins past,I thought saints swagger started to kick in. Ma bairn said it's not happening for Hibs thanks to woodwork n Zander. Once we got to about 65 mins and our second had not long gone in I actually felt we no way losing this. Brraaww and I'm still drinking to that.
  2. Halfway there Callum, better dust doon the lucky suits n brouges for a final, oh aye and go to dunkeld for a break pre match if the lids of the biscuit tin.
  3. Forgot Boyle was actually playing, hardly got mentioned on comentry. Ha ha right up ye hibee jeebees,paybacks sweet.
  4. @random probably comparing xG stats and complaining something was not right today, probably formation, which I must admit my jaw hit the deck a bit when I saw the picked team. But it worked, and I've been more impressed by Mr Rooney since Dunfermline game, big strong guy that gets forward, not scared to tackle or take a punt at goal. Anyways still drinking to that
  5. Didn't expect much after first 25 mins, but then it just got better and better and better, fekin brilliant, I think I'll drink to that.
  6. I'm going to try the dodgy stream, buffers occasionally but usually sufferable. Anyway like most would rather be there but hey ho. Cmon saints, Tommy did it in his first season so keep up that nice jinx Callum.
  7. Well it half worked the other night so here goes. Cmon melamed , two goals please, oh he's just popped up on the laptop giving an interview. Bryson baahh,red card coming.
  8. I thought spoony had another game, also his cross you mention was a cracker. Even thought his freekick from just outside the box was curling in. Think he's more confident just now (no crowd pressure as I think has been said).The guy certainly tries.
  9. Cmon melamed show our strikers how it's done. Two goals from you please, you've waited long enough (so have we)..
  10. god Callum d, your good at mincing your words and leaving the fans no clue who will play and when but if thier fit or not or maybe, but brilliant so won't play but might.
  11. I think the biscuit tin will be in a safe that has no key and will be lying at the bottom of the North sea.
  12. Try saints banter page if u on Facebook, good quality viewing of all away games for a small donation towards our youth squad, or free if u like.