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  1. Ach well a point more than I expected, unfortunately two less than we deserved. Ref got madder as game went on and Liam played a Stormer. Hope melamed not got a bad one. Same determination on Sunday plz to the whole team.
  2. Hah Kilmarnock, Tommy returns,
  3. We should win this purlley because they can't play Hendry
  4. Exactly what I thought as well. Glad he didn't ask the Dundee guy if he was offside at zanders howler mind you.
  5. Would have been good being at McDiarmid to see that today. Last five minutes would have had a braw atmosphere. Fek of covid.
  6. Good luck to Tanser wherever he ends up,not a big loss as I always felt he was scared to tackle especially in the box but enjoyed a lot of his crosses into the opposition's box. Thoroughly enjoyed he's cross at dens that he scored from in the first minute, (or did he mean that,,aye). I'd just sat doon n had to get up again!
  7. Aye in Tommy they won't trust .
  8. After being worried about being in play of positions not so very long ago I'm now delighted were challenging for top six, although not to worried if we get there or not as we surely safe now and got a cup. Rode our luck a bit today especially second half but team coped well, think it was mccart who saved the day at the end and few times in-between, he's progressing well in my opinion but does like a dodgy clearance now n again. Good to see Moh working hard today and Zander getting a couple of confident saves to, think he only booted it out the park once today LAUGH OUT LOUD. Anyway 3 PTS that I'd thought in a game we might have only got 1 in after a successful busy week braw. A
  9. I be had a few emails from the afore mentioned team now of them trying to sell me raffles, poppy's, TV subscription an god knows what else, so I replied saying stop the emails please as I support the current league cup holders and where's the emails about my £9-99 refund. Don't care about the money to be honest but wonder how long it takes the daft cnuts to work out who now holds the cup..