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  1. Was reported on radio Scotland sports news early this morning. Correct saints, nor any other team are exempt from cuts or worse at the moment.
  2. Agree with this, hands up I know I slated Callum Davidson a month or so ago hic. But beginning to see team steadily playing at what I feel is a higher tempo. Spoony has been good to watch last few games but often think he does try to hard sometimes when he could pass. Saturday we could easily have got two goals but wasn't to be.
  3. I'd go for same as last weeks line up and bring on Mr new Guy in last 25 mins (if ready) just after Mays bagged his hatrick,hopefulls.. Looking forward to this one, fekin laptop better behave!
  4. Typical, the first game I didn't bother with on ppv, maybe I'll do that more often. Sounds like a cracker but sounds like a couple of defensive glitches. Well we can give the strikers a break for now. Sportcene and McEwan's for me it is then, fine by me.
  5. Whit, Stevie May scores with a header, normally lets them go over, nice one. Wish I put a tenner on another 7 the day.
  6. Another 7 would be nice, so I'm going for 2 all.
  7. Aye indeed, imagine that. Och well can put all the brora talk on the saints v brechin thread to bed now.
  8. Cheers for confirmation, good luck to them nowadays then and hopefully covid doesn't ruin them or any other Scottish teams.
  9. I may be wrong here, (probably) but I recall that when brora last had a chance 4/5 years ago of playoffs possible promotion to division 2 , they decided to forfiet as they said they couldn't afford to travel all over Scotland for away games, some trek to central belt right enough and Ayrshire etc... Probably some gossip I picked up and believed though.
  10. Hopefully be ready to prove himself and rarin to go the following week against utd. Imagine he'll come on as sub in that game though.
  11. Fair enough,you could certainly see what it meant to hendry when he scored it. Hopefully the scoreline gives our whole team a boost, strikers especially.
  12. Not on any BBC channels tonight. Maybe Sunday though. Fekin joke, but of course no cheeks playing the day.