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  1. No it only confirms home league games, not a mention of Europe, but hey that's Brexit for ye.
  2. Got ours for Ormond stand today. Attached letter confirming free stream for home games as required. Hopefully not need free stream though or not for to long anyway
  3. Got mine about ten days ago over the phone nae probs, got Bev luckily on phone and was sussed for three tickets within about 15 mins. Getting sent out mid July apparently so I'll still b waiting a day before the season starts if previous experiences anything to go by..
  4. Happy that Mikey staying with us, always liked his style and think Callum s getting him back to his old self, not that he had to much in the way of game time season just passed but hopefully that'll spur him on to fight for a full time place depending on who else stays or goes etc... Would like to see him clutching a couple more trophies for us next season Also happy that finally got this new fekin phone to allow me to post again bloody passwords, someone already using that name etc etc blah blah blah change password, I have plz just work. Is it?
  5. O halloran a target for St.Mirren apparently. Would like to think we can keep hold of him personally. Not had to much game time this season though so who knows. But it's the sun that's saying it so pinch of salt etc...
  6. Zander for me, not just because of his obvious heroics at the end but a few important saves throughout.
  7. My first game proper. Vaugley recall my blue nose dad taking me along to a saints rangers game or two in the 70s. So when the above game came up I asked if I could go and brother said I could go with him but only if I supported saints, . so glad I did. Remember being squashed against the trackside barrier when saint's second and third went in. This led to many home n away games and as pre teenage it likely opened my eyes a wee bitty to life. As mentioned above revenge is sweet.
  8. Ach well a point more than I expected, unfortunately two less than we deserved. Ref got madder as game went on and Liam played a Stormer. Hope melamed not got a bad one. Same determination on Sunday plz to the whole team.
  9. Hah Kilmarnock, Tommy returns,
  10. We should win this purlley because they can't play Hendry
  11. Exactly what I thought as well. Glad he didn't ask the Dundee guy if he was offside at zanders howler mind you.