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  1. When Brown made these comments earlier in the year I considered if I wanted to renew my season ticket, Notwithstanding the costs involved and the challenging logistics, our preference was for a ‘Colts’ team playing in a competitive league in Scotland.' How could he possibly think this was a better option for the club, did he honestly think for a second Saints would be one of the colt teams entered in to the league? I know it's personal preference but Colts teams in the SPFL would be the end for me following senior football in Scotland.
  2. Massive GS Brown billboards and more price increases should do the trick
  3. All the signs are there that we've run out of ideas and are now scrambling to see what's left...
  4. Exaclty, a decent asset that the club failed to retain, sound familiar?
  5. Ross was excellent for the club, he was also genuinely interested in developing volunteers skills, I volunteered for the clubs media team for 2/3 seasons and it got me the job I'm in today. We're missing someone with a similar forward thinking attitude.
  6. If Tommy does resign, who can really blame him? We've not been short of nonsense rumours this summer, it would be typical if this one turns out to be true...
  7. I was thinking this during the Brechin/County home games, seems depressingly inevitable the way things are going.
  8. We need to score first, over the last couple of years we just havn't been able to get back in to games after going behind
  9. Makes sense, Sinclair gets first team experience at Brechin and we have the safety net of a third keeper
  10. If Zander has any ambitions of playing for Scotland he needs to leave us, that's the sad truth, I think we should enjoy him this season and accept it will more than likely be his last.
  11. From the same twitter account last December... 'The Dons are apparently talking to Hamilton about the availability of Dougie Imrie. Derek McInnes sees Imrie as the man to fill the No. 10 role.'