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  1. Surely that would have been mentioned in the renewal packs?
  2. I've been reading this forum for a long time without making much of a contribution so I've decided to get involved! Something I've noticed recently, this season especially, is our lack of ability to equalize when we go behind. We've fallen behind in 13 games this season in the league, and have managed to take 1 point from these games. We've only scored a leveler 3 times this season, against Hearts twice in Perth and once away at Hamilton recently. So why do we struggle to get ourselves back on level terms? Are we just set up in a way in which the first goal is crucial?
  3. I wonder if moving the U20's fixtures away from McDiarmid has helped this?
  4. Seriously as many as that? Fair enough, suppose it's down to personal opinion whether it's a good thing or not but personally always like being behind the goal.
  5. Appears we're in the 'North East Extension' tomorrow and not the north stand behind the goal, awful IMO but will please some. Does anyone know what that section seats?
  6. Again, I'm not saying it's the be all and end all or anything just that we could at least try the bare minimum. But your right, for a Sunday morning this must be up there with boring conversations to read. Tell her thanks
  7. So just because it's a small market we just roll over and not bother trying? Again, your just disregarding what can actually be an asset, I'm not saying doing it better will drastically increase our support, only the product on the pitch will do that, I'm just saying it could help. And I get your point I'm certainly not claiming to be an expert im only 23 and I've only worked in marketing for 2 years. I'm not saying trying to market the club better will be a resounding success, once again I'm just saying try. Like you say not every business can do it well but most try. Your last point is just ridiculous as it is but I assume you realise it's not just men that support saints? Blinkered nonsense again just disminissing potential markets.
  8. That's exactly the mind set and attitude which is so maddeningly annoying. You can't deny footballs a changing game and to appeal to younger fans who haven't yet been lured away by bigger teams you have to try to compete in a marketing and branding sense. Unfortunately too many people with that mindset are actually involved in the running of our club, as much as you might hate it visual appeal is a huge part of the game now and nice kits can occasionally win over some fans.
  9. That's the annoying thing about the away top, even if it's a nice yellow template kit the sponsor will look awful and ruin it.
  10. Well exactly but the point I'm trying to make is were doing Storrar cars such a great service maybe we'll learn something.
  11. We seem to be providing a fantastic marketing campaign for Alan Storrar, forcing extra footfall and web site hits, why can't we be this pro-active about our own marketing strategy?
  12. Yeah you see it a lot in European matches, I just found it strange to see it here. I wonder if it was intentional or not?
  13. Did anyone else fine it strange we left the black netting up behind the goals? Haven't seen that at a ground in years and if I was in the away end that would really annoy me.
  14. The unofficial Twitter claimed it was due to loan rules Raith dropped their interest in Sutton, something about having one loan player over the age of 21.
  15. I agree definitily that the installation of the USH caused these problems. The point I'm trying to make is, considering we have these problems, why don't we give the pitch more of a chance to recover rather than overloading it with u20 games?