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  1. Hendry is 4 years younger and has looked far more composed in front of goal when he's played. Don't think it's fair to say he's on a par with Kane. Kane's had his chance, he's missed it, (sound familiar?) time to move on and give Hendry the chance Kane got
  2. A win here and a lot of people will breath a big sigh of relief.. I don't think we're in danger this season but it would be nice to get the first win and kick on, county away next weekend will be a lot more enjoyable with a win under our belt! Motherwell are much better this season, but last weeks result shows they're not as good as the recent hype has suggested. We can't concede first..
  3. Tommy should stick the comments Gerrard made last season on the changing room wall... 'We shouldn't have to work hard to win at places like this'
  4. £26 is a disgrace for that away end
  5. That's better than the snooker patter I was expecting tbf
  6. Would Stephen Hendrie be an option as cover for LB?
  7. It would be a kindness to Chris Kane to let him go on loan to the championship, his level, before any vague reputation he has left is totally destroyed with us. He is not good enough at this level, working hard is great, but it’s not enough. Wallace Duffy isn’t ready, and frankly Craig and Davidson looked off the pace. Yesterday was just another in a long list of weak home defeats that always start with a defensive mindset. It’s harder to take with the two week break coming up, but the likelyhood is we will be heading in to our home game v Motherwell in the 28th hoping to not be cut adrift at the bottom. The positive? We have fantastic attacking options, but we can’t keep giving up the first goal, we need a stunning result v Aberdeen or Rangers to boost this season.
  8. He could sign off on deals on those days, the player could then come in the following day for photos etc..
  9. It's the BBC, the fact they acknowledged our existence is surprising
  10. I always got the impression that Paul pretty much runs the club, huge loss
  11. Maybe not, I'm not sure how much of a marketing operation GS Brown has but it would be interesting to know if he doesn't think saints needs it or if he just doesn't buy in to proper marketing in general..
  12. No they wouldn't, that's pretty much the job description for most marketing roles.
  13. “But unless someone can convince me otherwise, come hell or high water, I will not change my mind. That’s it. If I think that’s the right way and no one can give me something to change my mind, that’s it." “It doesn’t matter if the manager jumps up and down, puts four or five pages of moans in the paper or goes on the radio, or whoever else wants to have pop. “I’m bulletproof and you need to be. If you’re easily influenced, you’ll never be a good leader" I think people need to move on from the Stevie May story, us signing him would require Bulletproof to change his mind..
  14. Being pish is an unwelcome distraction to supporting the team