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  1. BBC reporting police have charged Griffiths in relation to reckless and dangerous conduct.
  2. May be totally wrong on this, but I think (hope) we'll be ok on that front for most of this season. I suspect potential suitors will want to see that last year wasn't just a flash in the pan.
  3. That one aged well! Sorry to see Kerr go, but think he's probably achieved what he will at Saints and deserves to move on to bigger and better things. I can see Wigan being a first step on the way, not sure how much of a step up it is in footballing terms, but all being well should put him in a bigger shop window. All the best Jason!
  4. I'm an East Stand ST, and have not objected to being moved in the past, giving them the 3 stands. However, we already have significantly more ST's than before, we have more money from that and also from Europe, and fitting the ST's in will be more difficult. The financial difference between giving them both ends and the away section of the main, and giving them the 3 stands is maybe 2000-2500? seats, at £28 would be 56-70k. Take extra stewarding and police, extra damage to the stadium, and loss of goodwill from the home fans, is it worth it?
  5. Go back to England and tell your masters there that they may take our lives, but they'll never take our back 3!!! More seriously, I worry that if clubs down south are worried about not getting EU players finalised in time, there might be a sudden rush tomorrow to get guys from Scotland. You would hope, if that happens, that it's a seller's market, so we may (hopefully not) lose 1 or 2, but not let them go cheap?
  6. Just came on to say that, commentary a bit ahead for me
  7. Another tough choice, so many absolutely giving everything, but Muzz is just outstanding right now!
  8. Having away fans there, bit banter, creates an atmosphere, players feed off that. Not having away fans is not necessarily an advantage.
  9. First time I've ever left a game before the final whistle. Angry at the time - right behind the goal and thought the penalty was soft, also though Callum should have been making the changes sooner, guys have played their hearts out twice a week and it was showing. More disappointed than angry now, not so much at the players as for them. Felt LASK were that little bit quicker than us, that little bit stronger in the challenges, read the game that little bit better, small margins but make a big difference at this level. Really thought we were still in with a shout until the reds started flying. Ultimately, still very proud of what we have achieved, and now we can concentrate on defending those cups!
  10. Why the hell is he picking that team. Disgraceful!!! I've seriously questioned Callum's team selection twice before, and both times we've won a trophy. Seems to work so I'll keep it up! COYS!
  11. There is a ticket collection window on the outside of the ticket office. They could have someone there on matchdays to deal with those paying cash, with access to the ticketing system, so they could print off a ticket/reciept with a seat number and barcode.
  12. Don't think we played badly today, some certainly didn't have their best game. McCann in particular seemed to be a bit off his game, and was getting overly emotional at times, but considering how much some of these guys have played the last few weeks, understandable. I feel part of our success in Istanbul and Austria was getting in their faces, which they didn't expect us to do. United did that to us today, and we didn't like it! Disappointed with the result, but not overly concerned about it, considering where we are right now. Hopefully have Spoony and Gordon back for Thursday, onwards and upwards!
  13. I got North Stand tickets through my ST at back of 11, nothing in east or west at that time, think they must have opened it in stages, heard similar about the 'Well game
  14. But Galatasaray are a small club!