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  1. Hope we can run bus(es) to this, as there is unlikely to be trains that day.
  2. Would have preferred Rapid/Sparta, but at least away first should be allowed decent crowd for home leg.
  3. Temporary Lichties!
  4. Looks like he's at the right age, right point in his career, and right time family-wise to seriously consider it. Will more likely regret if they don't give it a go. Either way, he's got to be one of the players that we Saints fans will support no matter what!
  5. 21st July 7.45, friendly away to Arbroath. Thought as double cup winners we'd be in for some big glamour friendlies, but maybe we are the big glamour team now!
  6. Shipa


    I think we as fans were, to an extent, guilty of what we often criticise England for, being over confident and over ambitious. In theory we did have a great chance to get beyond the group, and I do feel disappointed that maybe we didn't take that chance. However, am I wrong in seeing qualifying for the first time in 22 years, and getting to the knockout stages for the first time ever, as a bit of a jump? We're back on the scene, we now have a team with experience of playing in a tournament, let's build on that. Baby steps!
  7. Shipa


    Well, at least we're not going out without scoring!
  8. To be formally confirmed at council meeting, but Saints to be granted Freedom of the city.
  9. Apparently not. I knew he was left on the bench in the LC, commented at the time, but had in my head that he was involved in the SC final, seems not. Haven't looked it up properly, but pretty sure he was influential in the semis?
  10. He knows where the grass is greener! Seriously though, he's not been the same player as before he went to the 2012, but clearly CD has faith in him, and I think he will be an increasingly important part of our squad.
  11. I think that is the case, but the UEFA international registration is a fairly straightforward paperwork matter. The issue with Brexit is that while are EU citizens used to have the right to live and work in the UK, I believe these players now require visas/work permits etc, and so have to meet the same Home Office criterea as those from elsewhere in the world.
  12. Shipa

    Season 2020/2021

    Nice DVD box set just in time for Christmas would be my guess.
  13. Barca/Real/Juve bring too much money in for UEFA to fully kick them out. At worst they may be dropped down to EL/Conference, which would barely be a punishment as it vastly increases their chances of winning an, albeit lower, trophy. While this would probably promote us to the EL Playoff round, beyond that it may be a hindrance, as their presence at the lower levels of competition, and the resulting effect on seedings throughout the tournament, would ultimately result in a more difficult draw for us. Also, as California suggests, there's a fair chance that they would appeal it through CAS, we may end up playing and winning games just to get shafted when they have to re-jig it all following the appeals. Sorry if this is a bit pessimistic, but clubs like ours benefitting at the expense of the huge European clubs is not something EUFA are famed for.
  14. If done properly, this could end up working out well. We've done the double, and have season ticket renewals on the go, with a date advised for new ST sales. Hopefully we will get a bit of a bounce of that, but some might still be hesitant. Parade the cup on a nice sunny day (I know!) in mid July, when we have fixtures and, hopefully, knowledge of what will happen with crowds, re-kindle some interest in the run-up to the new season.