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  1. Just saw on facebook*, apparently this is the first time this century that a Scottish trophy has been won by an all Scottish team. *Caveat: Can confirm that all who played for Saints today were born in Scotland, have not researched further to confirm if it is a first.
  2. Suspect if Rooney wasn't already on folks radar down south, he will be now. Year to go on his contract so would hope to keep him, but if an offer is made? Interesting update on his wiki....
  3. At the final whistle, there's only one stat that really matters!
  4. Happy enough with that lineup. Would have liked to see Melamed on from the start, but as one of the many who criticised the team selection for the semi, I'll put my trust in Callum's greater knowledge! Really gutted for Muzz though, shame he couldn't at least make the bench.
  5. Would have thought giving Tanser a run out would have made sense.
  6. Nice one! Thought that was never going in!
  7. Cracking goal! Even Callum cracked a smile at that one!
  8. Was thinking maybe not so much "resting" as not wanting key players picking injuries, but it looks like, other than not risking Muzz (or he's maybe not fit enough yet) that's pretty much our best squad going out there.
  9. Seems a tough one to call team-wise. Given our league position, it's a game we could really do with winning to pull away from the bottom teams, so taken in isolation we would want to play our strongest 11. With half an eye on next week though, I wonder if we will maybe rest a few nailed on starters and give others a chance to earn their place in the final. That would mean fielding a slightly weaker team, but in those circumstances I would hope they all give 110%. Certainly don't envy Callum the job of making those decisions.
  10. Disappointing, really felt we were worth a point out of that.