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  1. Surely bringing 4 or 5 players in doesn't mean holding onto the ones on loan already.If Crawford and MacPherson were included in those signings I would be very disappointed.
  2. Totally agree with both those statements.Both players could easily have been sold for a lot more in the next transfer window. We definitely play the least entertaining football.The defence is decent but that's it!
  3. The rushed sale of both Jason and Ali is at the crux of the teams implosion this season compounded by the failure to address our lack of goals upfront.If you're going to sell our best players at least get a fair fee for them and have a period of transition when you know they are getting sold and have time to plan suitable replacements.I actually feel sorry for CD losing both players so late in the window.The wind has well and truly come out of our sails when not so long ago we were riding on the crest of a big blue wave!
  4. Yeah why take Eetu off and end up with Rooney playing up front.
  5. Liam on now Hopefully see Solomon on soon as well
  6. That's more like it!I see Liams on the bench! Enjoy the game.Wish I was there! CoYS
  7. Surprised not to see Liam in the midfield tbh.
  8. This not being able to pay at the game is bollox btw.Don't tell be its a covid thing when folk are shouting and singing next to each other..rant over haha. Would go with your line up blue heaven.
  9. Aw thats really bad news.Leaves us in real dire need of decent midfielders asap