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  1. When your colleagues weren't born when you started your first job
  2. I didn't make it to either of the aforementioned trips but I have always suspected that the Turks were almost as excited about being in Europe as we were which started the party atmosphere which no good Saints fan would be able to resist. For Rosenborg their home game was more of a means to and end, even an inconvenience, en route to the group stages.
  3. Unfortunately it wont be worth opening The North Stand for reasons already mentioned. Unfortunately dropping prices is no guarantee Off more bums on seats either and could infact Lose the club money
  4. Saints 2 Hearts 1 1982? To all but clinch the league. First big crowd and Ray Blairs diving header is my favourite goal
  5. Black is white. Theres a good topic for a senseless futile argument Honestly what a crock of utter shit. Do people seriously have nothing better to discuss?
  6. Honestly love club and country and couldn't possibly choose between the two The pride Saints are giving me at the moment is tangible and it would Be easy to jump on the bandwagon but if Scotland were going to win the World cup then the whole of Scotland would be joining together the way We are now
  7. Jim Pearson stand has a ring to it.Why two players?
  8. Theres been a payday between the games so no excuses. Get off your arses and drag yourself and a friend to McDiarmid
  9. Strangely yes.If he hadn't made it Stevie s goal would have meant diddly
  10. I have BT vision and that is the case.I understand you can pay to get it through sky as well
  11. I voted for wee Padge although most of the team were up there especially Big Alan Mannus
  12. To pick only five is tricky Kenny Wards celebration against Airdrie Kieran McAnespies rubbing his eyes after scoring against Rangers Full time after beating Celtic having lost 7-0 to the Rangers the week before LiamCraig's equaliser against United last season Alan Mannus save on Thursday