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  1. Relax it's all heading towards a Callum / Tommy Play Off
  2. Had the pleasure of watching saints in a friendly there some 40 plus years ago.. Shit trip back in a removal van
  3. Personally not being a big fan of the guy I must say his statement is spot on and i can only shake his hand and congratulate him on the transfer window
  4. Exciting stuff ... just what we need to brush away the cob webs and have some ins & outs
  5. So we’ve just had the most glorious 6 months as a Saintee Supporter and your whining .. The Dream is still alive we’re double cup holders calm down and reflect on our achievements then start crying when we’ve got 309 fans against Albion Rovers and are bottom of the 2nd division
  6. All I can say is a big thank you to the saintee who connected me to Because my Saints TV does not show it
  7. byebyedundee


    Well deserved next move sevco
  8. Rumour is that he'll be combining his directorship with his role at Partick Thistle as ambassador
  9. Confidence in this team is terrific I also thought the referee was excellent big chance to do the impossible