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  1. Couldn't see nothing about Saints.. maybe you should get the link that directs us straight to us or maybe were not enough news for them
  2. Glad there looking after the Ex Pats
  3. Fake news by The **** Courier Saints will be at home
  4. I don't care what anybody says if we get through the next round it will be the greatest ever achievement.. These teams especially PSV are monsters
  5. Buy Middleton probably out of our reach however pay a fee and tag him with a large sell on fee Rangers may accept 50% sell on
  6. Kinda disappointed regarding friendlies money to be made he ho hopefully all good come Ross county match
  7. I'm so jealous .. But so happy for all you Saintees .. I however will be a International Saints TV season Ticket holder
  8. Too quiet and non eventful right now