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  1. Yes he was from Stanley .. There was a group from that area good times late 70s early 80s.. So I take it he's Alive ???
  2. Is wee hodgie still around ?
  3. Saints V Albion Rovers Att 381 I think..... Ahhhh Those were the days
  4. Couldn't agree more......
  5. OHHHHHH thank goodness tough tie... Here we go 1st year in management your turn Calum
  6. Great use of a small squad. every player doing his part.....
  7. Thx Andy,,,If only you were as smart as your fancy watch
  8. January transfer...Matty Kennedy out in the cold in Aberdeen... Yet again the curse of McDiarmid has been set....
  9. Can someone tell me how influential Bryson was during the game.....
  10. I'm delighted with our manager , he's been more than patient with the front line and this will be a boot up the arse as they say in the USA AWESOME.... Now let's get our act together and put the 1st Quarter to bed as were still well in touch
  11. Disgusting result Totally lacking confidence in front of goal......Downward spiral
  12. UGH watched the whole match we were dreadful and badly need May & Muzz back ASAP
  13. Don’t underestimate the hunger of the reserves they’ll be wanting to prove a point so the game will be just as tough I hope we don’t get complacent