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  1. As always I don't care who leaves St Johnstone as I support St Johnstone and they aint going anywhere....
  2. He also stated that we wont learn anything from saints and this is not a Derby...Basically he's bad mouthing us as a diddy team compared to Dundee, Yes were a diddy team but boy oh boy weve kicked ass and any team other that Rangers would love our success
  3. I noticed that... Is he right as it's a one of game sure but the gulf between the two teams is bigger than it has been for a while
  4. The agent gets a % of the annual salary for some time most players are signed for free & signing on FEE if any
  5. Kane the unsung Hero has became our Hero... Rooney. Booth,Conway & Wotherspoon special mention and of course the team
  6. Amazing day would of flown in if i could to be with my fellow Saintees .. Saints TV did a great job what a day what a memory how lucky are we 2 major trophies woooooowwwww
  7. I'm done with it also.. Good luck to The Pikey for getting his act together and being a contribution to society however he's got a lot of years to catch up and pay it off.. FKKK LIVI< KILLIE< STMIDDEN all get more praise than us these weggies are so pissed at us still in the premier
  8. Outstanding games attended near and far season ticket holder length of support I'm nor sure just thought it would be a nice thing to write about some supporters
  9. Have we ever had a topic regarding supporters who are now Legends, after hearing about Hodgie still around would it be nice to award or just name a few outstanding supporters that have shown outstanding loyalty to their team.. I can name a few but to keep it real can we all pick 5 and see what the outcome is... OR HAVE WE DONE THIS ALREADY....?????
  10. Yes he was from Stanley .. There was a group from that area good times late 70s early 80s.. So I take it he's Alive ???