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  1. Can someone tell me how influential Bryson was during the game.....
  2. I'm delighted with our manager , he's been more than patient with the front line and this will be a boot up the arse as they say in the USA AWESOME.... Now let's get our act together and put the 1st Quarter to bed as were still well in touch
  3. Disgusting result Totally lacking confidence in front of goal......Downward spiral
  4. UGH watched the whole match we were dreadful and badly need May & Muzz back ASAP
  5. Don’t underestimate the hunger of the reserves they’ll be wanting to prove a point so the game will be just as tough I hope we don’t get complacent
  6. Nobodys talking about Clelland
  7. The last thing we want is a yes man .. And Clelland is a yes man
  8. There would've been an amicable settlement regarding his two years and I'm sure he got a comfortable pay off..
  9. Kirsten Robertson is probably an educated efficient number cruncher that went head to head with TW on a few occasions she kept her cool while TW old school lost it and went mental, SB had to continue to put out the fires and probably sided with Kirsten because she's a smart little snake who knows how to conduct herself professionally in the business world but we all know football is a business about passion and wearing your heart on your sleeve she's an iceberg with one target save money which is fine as she's gotta justify her salary... TW had enough and got a solid pay off but we all know that ya cant hide from football and TW will be back because its an addiction good luck to him and Kirsten be careful because the supporters always win...........Even if it means we end up in the 2nd division we'll always win...
  10. Slf he's an ass sooker.......
  11. Please not Clelland
  12. Fair point I've just replied before reading your quote... I will stop with the politics and the abuse....
  13. I’m certainly not a big fan of this guy Trump but at least he’s giving the people hope, plans and money Mmmmm And he handed out $3400 to everyone earning $75K or less and everyone that becomes furloughed or fired $600 per week .. you do know that Oil is minus $37 per barrel that is Scotland’s SNP party s big debate we want to keep our oil money we’ll thank god for The UK and glad we’re part of it ...because Sturgeon is on her knees begging