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  1. Hiya. My good pal, Caco is in Edinburgh this weekend and is gonna be in the away end at Tynecastle. He's looking for folk to have a pint/singsong/watch the game with. He's a Celta Vigo fan and is bringing a scarf for anyone who wants to swap. I'll get him to sign up on here so you can organise something. Cheers!
  2. Mike


    Fantastic site, ta for the link. 47 for me but I've been to at least 20 in Finland and a couple in Estonia that aren't listed.
  3. Mike


    Ooft, that's a stinker.
  4. I'd love VPS, they're absolute horse this season. Rooted to the bottom of the table with one point! They're renovating their stadium next year but at the moment it's not Europe-worthy and they'll be playing their games in Helsinki or Tampere (which are infinitely easier to get to). Got a few pals over here who are big VPS fans and still follow Saints. We go to games together fairly often. It'd be absolutely incredible to get together with them before a Saints game.
  5. I'm back in Scotland for a wedding from the 1st-6th of June. Ideal scenario for me is a draw against a team from Finland/one of the Baltic states with the home leg first. Having seen more than my fair share of football in this neck of the woods in recent years, I'd be very confident facing any of the Finnish/Estonian/Latvian/Lithuanian sides in the draw.
  6. 1. Mannus 2. O'Halloran 3. Millar
  7. I bought a second hand bass from Bandwagon about 15 years ago that I'm 90% certain is the same as the one in that pic. It was made by a company called Hondo and is really rare. What are the chances it's the same one?
  8. Mike

    Yes Or Naw?

    Aye, but by that logic you'd be better off moving to Moldova than Norway because it's less than 50p for a pint there. When I moved to Finland I nearly shat myself when I saw the price of a pint but as soon as I started earning Finnish wages I stopped noticing it. *edit* - Also, if you showed someone from a Nordic country the price of cigarettes in the UK their jaw would likely hit the floor too!
  9. Mike

    Yes Or Naw?

    Yes. I'm an immigrant and have access to free health care. Also, as an EU citizen you can get a European health insurance card which entitles you to state medical care in 32 European countries. Not all these countries have free medical care but, in any case, you'll get the same level of treatment for the same price as a local. I've stayed out of this conversation until now as I don't have a vote but this seemed like an apt point to jump in. Before jumping out again I'll just add that if I did have one it'd be (for countless and ever-increasing reasons) a big fat 'yes'.
  10. When I'm king the commonwealth games will be first against the wall.
  11. Berlin's my favourite city in the World by a considerable margin, impossible not to have a great time there!
  12. Mike

    New Strips

    Looks a lot like an orange shirt I saw some team get pumped in the other week... Are SPL teams not all required to have a third strip these days? If so, and we're having another red and black away kit, will our third be the light blue away from two years ago again?
  13. Pretty sure that's it. Chelsea have played it before games for ages and we pinched it. I'd also be interested to learn what sort of stuff Saints fans sung in the 60s.