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  1. Signed late on Monday had only a light training session with the team, so understandably started on the bench. Got half an hour, looked good when he came on, will be astonished if he does not start the next few games.
  2. The colours make it easy to see…..three cornered Tayside battle to avoid the drop! This is going to be a terrible spring for us all….
  3. We just sold a 17 yo who has played 5 games for 800k (2mil in add-ons) it would be rank bad management not use some of that cash to take the opportunity of the divisions top scorer, when we are among the lowest scoring teams in the league. Your hapless board sold two of the most effective and successful players of last season for double than that amount and signed no one, before heading to the relegation spot, I’m guessing the backfiring might be at McD!
  4. I have many faults Ginge, but arrogance is not one of them…..I know too much to ever be arrogant!
  5. Looking ominous for Saints, reminds me of when Utd went down. We sold GMS, Armstrong, Shifty, in a quick succession this was compounded by letting go: Fojut, Gardyne, Erskine players who might not be the same class as the A list, but still seasoned top flight performers. Similarly losing Kane an Spoony has been a huge blow, at the worst moment. All is not lost, it’s only half time and if anyone deserves a shot at correcting this it’s CD. Couple of decent signings in Jan and this team can get back to the well drilled performances the coaches instilled so effectively last season. I think the winter break arrived at the right moment for Saints (and United!). so let’s raise a glass (half full) and enjoy New Year! All the best my WAP friends, I hope you and yours are blessed in the coming year! Xxx
  6. In view of the projected Covid upsurges I think they should just call the league right now, safety first!
  7. Nothing brilliant about United yesterday, possibly the worst performance against Celtic I can remember, should have been 7-0 at least. We had one corner (70th minute), and that corner was the sum total of ‘pressure’. The fans never once in the course of the 90 mins had the chance to chant, shout or cheer. Celtic played this like a practice match. Third dreadful performance in a week….gonna be a long December for Arabs!
  8. They were very good last season, and have had some good performances this season too.
  9. This could go on and on! I take your point, the league table does not lie, if you are relegated its because you were not good enough, If you are promoted its because yoiur deserve to be. That said, in 2015 when United were relegated I watched the most piss poor football ever, Celtic were way too strong and sh@gged everyone, (quadruple treble ffs!) Partick, Killie, County, Inverness, Hamiton, Dundee where designed purely for scratching out points to survive, flowing football was at a premium, gamesmanship of all kinds, kicking, timewasting, feigning injury, crowding the ref, as team after team came for a point (invariably leaving with 3) it was brutal. We rightfully went down after depending on a real throwback, an old style big shouty man bawling from the sidelines. I honestly think this season coaches are a bit more creative and ambitous the football is better as a result. I'm not just talking about oor Tam, dare I say, look at the difference between Tommy and Calum. Lets say Tommy's team had a certain muscularity who knew how to harvest points, Calum's team last season showed real guile and endeavour in how they set up that was evident all season and was rightly rewarded. Dundee and County have both played some good football this season neither are cut adrift, Aberdeen made a brave move in sacking Del whose teams were stale to say the least, Livi putting faith in their young coach is paying dividends. This seasons relegation might just go all the way and there may well be 4 teams involved.
  10. All about perception I suppose. As far as I can see, United have improved considerably, as have Motherwell and St Mirren. Hearts and Dundee are better than Killie and Hamilton were last season. Saints and Aberdeen are in transition, but I would expect them to improve on performances so far, Livi have a bit about them too, even County have played well but got very little for it. Doing a coupon each game pretty hard to call. Both Celtic and Rangers have shown weaknesses this year, which may well be levelling down as you suggest, Sevco were unbeaten last season in the league.
  11. Gonna be a long season! Saints, Aberdeen, St Mirren, County, Dundee, Livi, well into the season, all capable on their day of winning any match, all within 6 points of each other, impossible to call how these teams will fare over the busy December fixtures. Strongest league for some years, Saints need a striker, and quickly!
  12. Fair enough mate! Would only be a fair bet on Day 1 anyway!
  13. I don’t gamble as a rule, it’s the only vice I don’t have. However, on this occasion if BH can name a worthy charity close to his heart, I could be tempted to have a fun £50 on that prediction.
  14. Don’t know about that Cagey, but he certainly kept us out of the dog fight! As I keep saying, fine margins in this league and yesterday Zander certainly showed the value of a top class keeper when the team are misfiring, 2nd half yesterday was as good as we’ve played this season, and we have nothing to show for it.