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  1. The obvious move, reminded me of Aberdeen picking up a sacked St Mirren boss back in the day!
  2. Boom! United get their man! Had anyone said to me last close season that we would have Jack Ross as our new boss I would have been over the moon, great signing!
  3. I can’t remember a new year fixture in Perth fir the Tangerines, expect a huge crowd for this one.
  4. New year fixture would be my pick!
  5. Yep Hoody, not a recipe for success! I liked Neilson, Mellon and Courts, and would argue they were all successful in their own way, but a decided their future is elsewhere! Jack Ross has an impressive record at all the clubs he has worked, perfect fit if we can get him.
  6. Tam has left! Jack Ross would be good!
  7. Lots of rumours that Tam is leaving UTD , and the inevitable rumours that Jack Ross is moving in…..
  8. He played for us for 4 seasons, 2 in championship and 2 in the top flight. He was good enough for us and we were plenty good enough for him, or the relationship not have lasted as long as it did. He leaves Tannadice a better keeper than when he arrived, with best wishes from us all and would be welcome back any time.
  9. Pint in the Cherry? Name the terms and the date!
  10. Spot on Rob, it’s a short career, but demanding. There is only a short window for football people, and most take it, they have too. Business can be done when they get back, agents, players, manager s, chairman will all be off for a week or two, before it all starts again. CD will have learned a whole lot more last season than the season before, and as an intelligent and articulate young coach he will be making big changes on every level in the new season! Chose to be optimistic…… feels better!
  11. Liked big Rooney, the 2 times I saw Saints last season he caught the eye, classic cult hero. With 10 Roons you would win 6-0 one week and lose 6-0 the next! Not at all surprising that SB would take him south, big powerful runners are the minimum requirement in those leagues.
  12. Smarmy Arab


    Apparently the Finn has not settled and wants away, Zander would be a good fit at Tannadice, but I reckon a current international will have offers from all over.
  13. A WARNING REGARDING PITCH INVASIONS! There has been a disturbing rise in pitch invasions across the land in recent weeks. In the event of a St Johnstone victory tonight, the joy and relief will be immense, but be warned anyone running on to the pitch at McD this evening is in serious danger of winning the man of the match award.
  14. You’ll win on Monday….feel it in my water!