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  1. Debatable whether or not this action is necessary or helpful, but the sight of a government minister Googling a definition of a ‘night’club’ during a such an important parliamentary debate, at such a crucial time for businesses hanging by a thread is a new low for Holyrood, and that is up against some stiff competition of late. Considering the hammering hospitality etc has taken over the Covid period it was a quite despicable to see our parliament treated with such utter contempt. The ‘Minister’ responsible could not even outline the basic principles of the action, she should be sacked (again!)
  2. That’s all perfectly believable….apart from the bit about him being a St Johnstone supporter!
  3. Good luck tonight Saintees, everyone is rooting for you!
  4. Nope! Prod past the keeper It went in that’s accurate in my book tidy finish.
  5. The shot that beat him is always a tough one for a keeper. A keeper is anticipating a much harder shot from there rather than a wee toe poke that just trundled past him. Good finish all the same, went for accuracy and bagged it!
  6. I think you are spot on here BH! TC employed the same tactics that have been so successful for Saints last season, high tempo pressure with some highly effective players (Fuchs bossed it) in the mix. Fine margins in this league, Saints looking a bit jaded, and probably had Thursday in mind, not easy to peak 3 times a week for 3 consecutive weeks. I thought we would shade this one for those reasons and although it’s early days TC definitely getting more out of the players than MM, everyone at Tannadice is looking down the league for now, relief to get another 3 points on the board as you no doubt saw and heard at the full time. Ref will likely be at Stranraer next week what a t***.
  7. We scored, we won, not much more to say! best of luck on Thursday, only the hardest of hearts are indifferent! xxx
  8. Looking forward to this one, we have sold out the away end, I expect this to be the usual colourful occasion. We are still finding our feet with a new coach, but have plenty useful players to throw into this game. Interesting tactical battle in prospect. Chalmers a big miss for us. But I’ll stick my neck out and go for a hard earned narrow victory for United!
  9. Spooky was a huge miss! He gets better every year and has an edge of class that would likely have made a chance or two last night, desperately unlucky to be missing him for that one.
  10. What’s not to love about this Saints side? tremendous performance to hold a multi-million side like that for over 2 hours was exceptional by any measure. Fans played their part, top atmosphere! Big pity they never got to 2-3 and set up a grandstand last 10 minutes, the players and fans deserved that. The painful reality class will out, and they had some class on the park tonight! Go into the next game with justified confidence, best of luck to you all! x
  11. I think lots of you being a bit hard on Foster, he was pointing out correctly that on the balance of play the win was there for the taking, rather than the ‘plucky wee team’ narrative. There is no doubt Saints had them rattled, a man down and a goal down! they will have to up their game to win the next leg and they know it!
  12. Fabulous performance, fabulous result. Saints refused to be intimidated and held their own all over the park. They are beatable! Well done to them all!
  13. Luv it Sixties! The only way to be, maybe I’ve missed an update? but if this game goes ahead in an empty stadium it’s a huge leveller, as is the game being so early in the season, with a very fit and professional squad and management. Make no mistake this Saints team will be hard to beat, very well organised, streetwise and laced with real quality. The assumption among most is that Saints cannot top the best season in their history, well getting past this mob and making the group stages would be a fair stab at continuing progress after last season’s heroics, bring it on! wishing you all the luck going! coys!
  14. Tough draw! But that’s why you want to be there, to play these games against these prestigious clubs. Another chapter of remarkable history being written regardless of the result.
  15. Fair comment mate, those were bad days! When panning windeez of opposition buses was a matter of honour subjecting opponents to a bitterly cold journey home on winter evenings was all part of the occasion. Not that gentlemen of our stature would ever stoop so low…. The Strand! Just before my time but the stuff of legend!