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  1. When the new board took over they purchased a club with shrivelled capabilities, shrivelled ambition entombed in the 2nd tier of Scottish football, operating way below its potential. The new chairman overhauled the management/coaching staff, youth and scouting staff then the playing squad. This was to ensure top flight football and even a cursory glance at the last decade would show the potential, twice taking The best part of 30000 fans to a national cup final, raked in 10 million + from a youth and scouting system producing a string of top class professionals. the ultimate black swan event has hit at a crucial point in the 5 year plan and we have big challenges to get back on track, but to characterise The current regime at Tannadice as reckless over spenders is lacking in perspective. I have some suspicions about our chairman and what’s going on, but so far we have advanced a fairly modest business model and reached fairly modest goals, and paid our debts along the way, something a lot of other clubs failed to do.
  2. Where did you ‘notice’ this Tuck? Mibbies you should notice a global pandemic and an industry starved of its largest income stream for 8 months and no sign of it changing. Mibbies you should understand the perilous condition every football club is facing before spouting about ‘overspending’ and petty parochial drivel like this. Most clubs are putting in place contingency plans to deal with a foreboding winter outlook. If you really think St Johnson’s are in some unique position where they have no such issues, I suspect you are in for a big shock!
  3. Think this needs more than it’s got..... I’ll start with a couple of old faves...
  4. Ok, I stand corrected Shankland made 17 appearances for Aberdeen in his teens...the last appearance in 2016 effin pedant!
  5. As I say Cagey, question marks over a number of our squad, but we have little option but to give them a chance to prove themselves and hope they get better. We played for a point and consequently deserved a point. When you have been in the 2nd tier for 4 years it’s always a challenge to step up, for all the stick our game gets there is a difference between top and 2nd levels. A fixture list of Somerset Park, Firhill, Gayfield etc has its challenges as we discovered, but it is a world away from Parkhead, Pittodrie, Easter Road and McD! We have a good crop of young players, but they need careful handling and steady progress rather than being thrown in and expected to win matches. Overall I’m happy with the first quarter, and as being of an optimistic disposition I’m confident we will improve. We still have a marquee signing to add to our midfield, if he is as good as reports suggest he may be the right player, in the right position, at the right time! Then again he could make 3 dire appearances and disappear into 3rd team! it has happened before!
  6. I agree jhq we are far from a good side, but I think we have a good manager. Saints and Aberdeen are 2 of the better sides in the division and keeping them out for 3 hours is quite an achievement. I would add we have little or no experience in our squad, before this season began only Reynolds has a decent number of top flight games under his belt, Powers, Harkes, Edwards, Shankland, Clark, have the grand total of 0 combined! it takes time to adjust, but we have several gears to go through with some talented players in there. .....and after the first round of fixtures we are top six, and been above Saints all season....
  7. If you score 12 goals in 2 games the football gods will ensure you score none in the next game.....
  8. I would take 10th right now Larks!
  9. Mellon had to stop the rot after heavy defeats to Rangers and Killie. Well deserved point against Dons last week, followed by a well deserved point in Perth this week. Saints had 70% of the play, if they cannot create a goal from that, look at their ineffective forward play. Utd defence restricted Saints to 2 good chances and 4/5 half chances....strong ref refused to pander to shitebaggery (May...ffs!). With Hamilton and St Mirren not playing, both teams move a point further away from bottom places...both manager’s probably happy in the morning. Good Point Well Made!
  10. Make of it what you will, I do have vague memories of Scottish clubs spending summers on tours, particularly US. Apparently that’s where the tangerine shirt came from, as it was the colour of th Dallas Tornados, United’s pseudonym when they, along with others attempted to improve the profile of ‘soccer‘ in the USA. Were Saints involved?
  11. Hi Mike hope you’re well. Yes I am aware of this story, but you need to take these things along with the good, we are world famous don’t you know? I can remember for a generation, where ever I went across Europe and beyond, if you said the word Dundee it would be immediately anointed with the word ‘United’. The iconic strip, those wonderful nights, so many of you Perth types shared, the old A85 was teaming with Perthites so long starved of glamour football and marquee occasions.....happy days!
  12. Loved Mac mark 1! Some awesome tunes!
  13. We have 4 and a championship shiney! Anyways that was 2014....feels like a generation ago Nethy? How are you enjoying life? I see your avatar has not changed? Just what are you trying to say?