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  1. Don’t worry yourself Cagey, reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated....I’ve been reading about it on here for a decade. Btw Our demise would be big bad news for Saints. As I’ve said before, everyone is in trouble atm, how many fans will come back? It’s an easy habit to break, most clubs survive season in season out by the narrowest of margins, COVID could be the death of a few. Relegation could have serious consequences this season, I’m just glad we have done enough to make it over the line.....well I think we need another 4 points to be sure. But I think we’ll make it.
  2. Selling Shanks is central to the plan! If he finishes the season strongly, gets his international shirt back we will sell him for a tidy profit, but that remains to be seen. He is on a 3 year deal, just became a father, I would not be upset if we sold an extension to him while his stock is lower than it has been for a couple of years. We have tough run in, sevco, Killie on plastic, Tic and Aberdeen, not hopeful of many points there, but we picked a good month to find a bit of form.
  3. Oh my! Shanks wins it again for the Tangerines.....
  4. Stone wallers each and every one!
  5. Most likely Mike, I am surprised anyone is going any where tbh. Our form has been mediocre, yet we are well placed, does not say much for the overall standards in this division. Still think we have gears to go up, and now would be a good time get some win in. Well game tonight is huge.....
  6. I’ll stick my neck out here, shanks goals will keep us up!
  7. Major issues with the two CH, but we know this and have protected them most games. Massive week for us, Motherwell and County. 4 points would be a good haul. Just as well we put so many points on the board thus far, we are not up to a relegation dog fight. Fuchs and butcher back on Saturday getting an hour each, hopefully they will make a difference. It’s getting tight now but hard to call any game in the bottom 6! 7 games left before the split....tick tock and all that!
  8. Well played, CD got it all right in the end! Hope you get the other Saints in the final!
  9. Amazing piece of skill, won’t do his confidence any harm!
  10. So in the Top division in England over 50 years.... hmmm, back of the fag packet is 40000 matches... 17 goals from 50 yards... pretty rare!id say ‘rare’ hardly does it justice!
  11. Did Stainrod score from the kick off at Mc D? He tried it many times, for Falkirk and Dundee but can never remember him actually scoring.
  12. Without a doubt if you think long and hard you might find 10 or 12 goals struck from over 50 yards......just proves that they are exceptional!