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  1. He will be fine as as has plenty room and protection in his (Clown)shoes
  2. After a poor first half. I thought once the battle was done, the better footballing team came to the fore. everybody played great and was well deserved. C’mon.
  3. With his new hair and eyebrow die he Looks like Ron Dixon from Brookside for those of a younger denomination!
  4. Was he on at hibs last season?
  5. Well his scoring goals from crosses philosophy certainly is correct.
  6. Goalies not commanding there six yard box goes back to TWs tenure. But Davidson doesn’t have to stick with it as is clearly not working. all our opponents know and are getting easy goals.
  7. Everybody from the Managememt to the players should be embarrassed at the number of goals we are losing from crosses. It is unbelievable. We are so soft.
  8. The goals we are losing are brutal. piss poor defending, piss poor goalkeeping at the goal. Should have stood out n the 6 yard line before taken. Also why is McCart plus everyone else not screaming for a foul when the boy is all over the back of him. looks like we are playing pre season friendlies.
  9. A big shout out to much maligned spoony. he really stepped up to the plate when the going was tough thus season. He will never win any player of the year but I don’t think we can underestimate how important he was this season. And that’s why Tommy keeps him in the team. Even when he is not playing well he never hides, always shows for the ball. l am not him or his dad! and he exasperates next at times but just thought he was worth a mention.
  10. It’s not the old mart. So plot thickens.
  11. I thought was old frontage to mart at bottom of needless road. The toad widened as there used to parking in front of the buildings
  12. Not sure if on film anywhere. But his Sublime slipped in pass to Murray Davidson up at Pittodrie (in a 3:1 i think) was superb. remember at the time when he got the ball outside the box, a big shoooot shout when up, but he picked out Murray who scored. also pretty sure in the highlights it never seemed as good as watching it live. Great player and can’t believe he played for us.
  13. Until the defence is sorted out then this affects the whole team. defence too young , naive and nice. This is down to TW. holt is pish and anther Goss type experiment. matty Kennedy on the right is pointless. yer man TW is trying to change the style of play as has applied for at least 4 jobs and not got and this experiment is going to affect us massively.