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  1. Mikey was garbage the whole time he was on and you could see he was heading for a sending off. Just poor discipline. I thought the back 3 once again looked very good at what they are there to do- defend. I’d personally prefer the 3-5-2 to the 3-4-3 that we played yesterday (or 3-4-2 in the end) but it’ll be interesting how the players adapt.
  2. Yeah, same here. Got a e-mail receipt sent and moneys out my account- but says I’ve not bought a pass and now saying my sign in credentials are not registered!
  3. Ah ok, so is one of the full-backs/wider men of the 4 encouraged to push forward more on the opposing side to the out and out winger?
  4. What’s interesting is that I really don’t know how we will set up and who will get the nod from the new gaffer. Whilst the 3-4-3 sounds promising, my gut feeling tells me that could be a bad thing for May (being played out wide and ultimately not being particularly effective) and Spoony (will be get the nod wide in the front three? Will he be allowed to play in beside McCann because obviously full-backs look like they will get the wide positions in the 4)- who I thought had his best season at Saints last season and really solidified what he brings to our side and what’s often ignored by some of our fans. Im pretty sure with Wright in charge you could pretty much predict the team, but with Callum I’ve no idea what to expect- here’s hoping that the attacking intent mentioned produces results. With our results end of last season I think the new boys should be made to wait to win their place- apart from the obvious choice to be made between Rooney and the Millwall young lad.
  5. Yep, I’ve found that absolutely outrageous to be honest. How they can justify those actions is beyond belief and if I was a player I’d be telling them to shove their pay-cut.
  6. SlickDT

    Season Tickets

    What a surprise. Nightmare to get on to the website. This club is ridiculously amateur at points. You get on and no ticket option. Not sure how many more times as a paying customer I’ll allow poor service and keep giving them my money. But hey..... avoid a refund guys because we will invest in youth team. How about investing in a basic website that can cope with the obvious demand. 20 minutes to get on for first ticket- now attempting the second
  7. SlickDT

    New Manager

    As good a choice as any. He knows the club, the players, the board and the league. He will have contacts down south and I’m sure there will be younger lads he could bring up on loan. He may also have a few players in mind from his time at Dunfermline who could make the step up. I actually think next season could be a very good season for us. Our squad is balanced and only needs tweaked with a couple additions, rivals are requiring players to take pay cuts which is bound to harm motivation, Fan base size will not be an issue at the start of the season I think the real test of Callum’s time here will be when he has to rebuild the squad. McCann is easily going to take the step up. I’d expect Jason and Callum is also get attention from down south if they continue to improve. Craig and Murray won’t last forever either. That’s a huge amount of talent to replace.
  8. SlickDT

    New Manager

    Callum has the job- all agreed.
  9. SlickDT

    New Manager

    I’d guess Davidson is Steve Browns first choice, but he will be on a decent wage and you’d think some sort of compo would be required to take him away from his current job. Possibly expenses we can’t quite afford just now with the lockdown issues.
  10. SlickDT

    New Manager

    Whilst I agree with your point on complacency, I’d argue our last four appointments have been made on merit. The club clearly identified Owen Coyle as the man they wanted for the job. McInnes had clearly impressed the board as a leader and was deemed to have the qualities to be manager. Steve Lomas was an appointment totally out of the blue, but his interview clearly impressed and Tommy was identified as the man for the job straight away because of the work he did as assistant. I’m pretty sure if Steve Brown doesn’t see a potential manager in Cleland he won’t appoint him simply because he is the cheap option. I believe the club will be speaking to potential candidates on the quiet as we speak and if someone looks like they are a better option than Cleland, then they will get the job. For what it’s worth (and I have no inside information what so ever)- I believe we will make another appointment like Lomas. Someone no one has mentioned but has impressed with achievements at a lower level/coaching gig or someone that impresses in an interview. Based on a gut feeling Id give someone like David Weir an interview.
  11. SlickDT

    New Manager

    I think our track record of managerial appointments merits that whoever is given the job deserves to be given the benefit of the doubt by our fans. Whether it’s Cleland, Davidson, Hughes, Kearney or Klopp- they have a hell of a manager to follow on from and will need as much support as possible.
  12. From what I heard at the time he joined- he was our biggest earner when he joined.
  13. It could well be that players are being offered short term deals for a few months to keep a wage coming in and give the new manager a chance to decide on them before the new season?
  14. SlickDT

    New Manager

    I’ve always found is a strange decision. I’m sure Salford had joint-managers. Coyle and Hughes also did it at Falkirk for a time. I would think before any joint management appointment there would have to be clear lines on who made the final decision on each decision in a certain area.
  15. SlickDT

    New Manager

    Any suggestions?