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  1. Found my day was much less spoiled by accepting from half time we would lose to a late goal from their first chance. The lads put a shift in- just the usual outcome. UNfortunately like many, for whatever reason, I’m finding Saints and their results aren’t putting me up or down as much. Lockdown apathy maybe!
  2. Yet he decided to use the limited budget we did have on two players coming to the end of their careers.
  3. Free Saturday afternoon, but even then didn’t bother to purchase this one. He’s not the man for the job in my eyes and I’m glad I didn’t waste any more of my money on what sounds like another dire performance.
  4. We’ve hired the wrong man for the job I’m afraid
  5. Same story as Hibs and Aberdeen games. Unfortunately Davidson isn’t finding a formation that creates chance- if anything I think some of his choices nullify our attacking ability. Substitutions didn’t work at all and ultimately Motherwell pressed us very well, limiting us in the areas that mattered.
  6. That wasn’t predictable at all!? Dominated second half whilst creating practically nothing. That’s two very poor teams have come and taken six points from us. Time for Callum to show who’s boss in the dressing room and fine Craig for the lack of discipline at the end...... when we have a severe lack of midfield options the last you need is for an experienced player to act that way.
  7. I really don’t think it matters who plays and in what formation- unfortunately I only see an easy win for Hibs. Far too many players that can hurt us and we look devoid of ideas that could do likewise them.
  8. That’s was worrying. First half I thought we looked ok and dominated without creating anything of note- I thought as the game went on that we would start to create things. How wrong I was. Aberdeen were dire and completely rusty, yet they leave with three gifted points. Tanser once again done for a goal. No creativity at all and our subs added nothing to the game. We are desperately needing additions. A tad worried after that.
  9. Mikey was garbage the whole time he was on and you could see he was heading for a sending off. Just poor discipline. I thought the back 3 once again looked very good at what they are there to do- defend. I’d personally prefer the 3-5-2 to the 3-4-3 that we played yesterday (or 3-4-2 in the end) but it’ll be interesting how the players adapt.
  10. Yeah, same here. Got a e-mail receipt sent and moneys out my account- but says I’ve not bought a pass and now saying my sign in credentials are not registered!
  11. Ah ok, so is one of the full-backs/wider men of the 4 encouraged to push forward more on the opposing side to the out and out winger?
  12. What’s interesting is that I really don’t know how we will set up and who will get the nod from the new gaffer. Whilst the 3-4-3 sounds promising, my gut feeling tells me that could be a bad thing for May (being played out wide and ultimately not being particularly effective) and Spoony (will be get the nod wide in the front three? Will he be allowed to play in beside McCann because obviously full-backs look like they will get the wide positions in the 4)- who I thought had his best season at Saints last season and really solidified what he brings to our side and what’s often ignored by some of our fans. Im pretty sure with Wright in charge you could pretty much predict the team, but with Callum I’ve no idea what to expect- here’s hoping that the attacking intent mentioned produces results. With our results end of last season I think the new boys should be made to wait to win their place- apart from the obvious choice to be made between Rooney and the Millwall young lad.
  13. Yep, I’ve found that absolutely outrageous to be honest. How they can justify those actions is beyond belief and if I was a player I’d be telling them to shove their pay-cut.
  14. SlickDT

    Season Tickets

    What a surprise. Nightmare to get on to the website. This club is ridiculously amateur at points. You get on and no ticket option. Not sure how many more times as a paying customer I’ll allow poor service and keep giving them my money. But hey..... avoid a refund guys because we will invest in youth team. How about investing in a basic website that can cope with the obvious demand. 20 minutes to get on for first ticket- now attempting the second