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  1. good job, all eses fans are happy with this result. second leg will be ours also. keep going saints...
  2. we did the first goal. come on one more as i said it will be 0-2 go saints
  3. go stj. go rbk 0 - stj 2 my prediction i hope u ll win.
  4. guys help us to buy this jersey when it is ready.
  5. now i want a blue-white away jersey )) currently our away jersey is yellow (we like it but we will like blue-white more). and another idea i wish both club sell their jersey's in their stores? i wish i have this new stj jersey...
  6. thank you guys. but i think the action that dede has taken is not so important. the important and kind thins is that you guys make us a nominatee. thank you again we are so happy to meet and know you. st johnstone is our club also in europe to support since last year.
  7. yea we missed saints. french people were not friendly. but we will eliminate them, i m sure.
  8. we played well, had lots of chance to goal but unfortunately scored only 1. fair value of the match would be, 5-1 or 6-1 may be 0 for marseille cause their goal was so stupid. anyway it will be easy to secure the round if we used our chance. now it is hard to win at away. so we wasted chance. but if we play in france like today, it would be an easy win for us. cause i think marseille is not ready for the season; they are not good enough either. by the way their no win streak is going on ))
  9. first match will be away for OM http://www.uefa.com/uefaeuropaleague/news/newsid=1842549.html#inter+om+liverpool+learn+their+fate
  10. draw is finished: Olimpic marseille, will play first match away.
  11. i didnot see any replays, you might be right. my view was not so good on the stadium.
  12. hi guys, here are my comments about match. - 2 lucky goals for eses. - 1 penalty referee error for eses - eses played below my expectations - st johnstone start attacking in last 10 min. - last 10 min score could easily be 2-2 if saints were lucky. - our new goalkeeper is disaster, oh my god !!! - if saints gains 2-3 corners, count them 2-3 goals because of our goalkeeper - why did saints showed too much respect and played defensive? if saints played attacking, it could be 2-1 or 2-2 or 3-2 at least. - for the second leg, it is very hard for saints to win 3-0, i m sure eses will score at least 1. saints need 4 at least i think. - and finally i did not like ESES fans performance they were excited but not as good as we used to.
  13. and what about the second leg? will you be able to make assist for the second match?