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  1. Watching again just emphasised Booth's contribution to the goal and that subtle little nudge from Bryson giving Spoony the space hasn't been mentioned much.
  2. Does todays result mean that we are guaranteed Europe if we stay 5th given that Hibs are the opposition even in the unlikely event we lose on the 22nd?
  3. As long s the back three are ok I think that we can cope with a few missing. Saturday showed that!
  4. Hope he sticks with two up front on Sunday after that but I have the fear it will be back to the lone striker who rarely gets a goal for the cup game.
  5. We need a goal. Get Melamed on up with May!
  6. It must be the new tactic for big games. Play crap in in the first half hour then score against the run of play and come out second half all guns blazing. Just need a second now.
  7. Think he has been far too cautious again. Could have been three or four down v Hibs with that formation and has handedLivi the initiative from the start. If I was Melamed I would be off at the first opportunity as he has done enough in his brief appearances to show he has what it takes to make it here.
  8. As it stands that is us up to 6th and where we should be, above the Dabs. Hopefully that will be the way for the rest of the season.
  9. League cup final preview. Show them who will be favourite!
  10. Just when we should be heading up the way this puts us back in the Shit. St Mirren and Killie both having a game in hand doesn't help.
  11. Norsaint

    John Davies

    Used to work hard enough when we did not have possession but made sure that he was marked when we did have the ball iirc.