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  1. And are also under performing and could do with the big red reset button being pushed for the season.
  2. I would like to think that any offer for McCann in this window would be accepted only with the condition of being loaned back until the summer. If we need the cash right now that is.
  3. I agree I think Holt would have been a more astute signing rather than Bryson. As well as printing youth we do need a Matt Butcher type signing, a player at a good age, fairly tall and athletic and has played at a good level and needing first team football. There may be some mileage in promoting the young guys to the first team but as you say a bit of a gamble.
  4. Do we not have a number of highly regarded young players that play in midfield? I was hearing Cameron Bannatyne getting a good write up while on loan with Montrose, that is the name off the top of my head. The fact that most of our loans were recalled with a view to moving them up a league might suggest there is some sort of succession planning going on.
  5. I think you are correct on both counts with regard to sanctioning of signings and Davidson needing to find a way to get the squad to perform. I suppose in my last post I was getting at, was investment being needed to play the current system. I think there is perhaps other systems that would get the best out of the squad without too much tinkering with personnel.
  6. This will be an important window and probably more highly pressured than any other January window we have had for a good while. Tommy was always one for doing down the Jan window suggesting that there isn't many good deals to be done and mainly desperate teams are out panic buying. Our situation is a bit different as this will be Callum's first transfer window after playing a run of games. If he is to persist with the current system then I would hope he has players identified who can play it and also the ones who can not and need moved on. In saying that I am fully expecting the one out, one in patter again, which comes every window. Dreary stuff. For all the chat at the end of last season of not missing Kennedy, I would suggest that is exactly what we are missing. A player that can make something happen and take on his man etc
  7. Quite glad I don't have to leave the house or make any real effort to watch games. My blood pressure would certainly be higher if I did. It looks like Callum has chosen his hill to die on with the formation/philosophy and we are all mere spectators and will ruefully have to accept the consequences. Plus point we didn't concede any.
  8. Right, that's me out. Better things to be doing. Absolutely doing nothing in the middle of the park and they are playing straight through us, I fear them running up a hefty goal tally based on what I have seen so far
  9. There is a lot of hype from Celtic players in the press today which will be heaping pressure on themselves, the fact that rangers play first I think they will try and get out the traps quickly. We played well against them last time and I think we have improved since then. Hoping for the best preparing for a hounding
  10. Jenko82

    Steve brown

    I am not sure how assuming that things would be okay if limited crowds were let back in by now. Surely any limited crowds would have been season ticket holders in the first instance (who have already paid), so by opening the stadiums with all the measures needed will only go to increase expenditure. I can imagine SB will have budgeted on a worst case scenario, but even so I would think things will starting to get a bit pinchy.
  11. Was in two minds of logging on to watch this. I made the wrong choice and should have used a sunny autumn afternoon better than watching that.
  12. I would also think that being back home in NI, with the daily stress removed will have highlighted how stressful the last few years have been. All the best to him. The new guy will have some shoes to fill. Graeme Jones would be a decent appointment, but my heart would go for Nick Dasovic. Uninspiringly it will be the promotion of Cleland or Derek Adams
  13. A really enjoyable game yesterday. I would have taken a draw at half time, but came away from the game a bit aggrieved that hearts managed to find an equaliser. Stevie May looks to be getting back to his best and having already surpassed the Tony Watt goal haul of last season I would suggest a better fit for the team. The much maligned Chris Kane was good yesterday and was a bit unlucky not to score, my only gripe would be that he was knackered by about 75 mins and would have been good to bring on Henry as I think he would have had quite a bit of joy against John Soutar. Although it was a very physical game and we had already used 2 subs by half time. Also an observation I think a number of players have stepped up their game (Spoony, McCann, May and O'Halloran) and taking responsibility to make things happen now that Kennedy is away. I think we were guilty of playing everything through Kennedy regardless if he was having a good game or not at the detriment of the team.
  14. It was good to see Tanser getting some good crosses in to the box, probably the best crosser we have. Also good to see a formation that allows him to get forward, without overly relying on his defensive qualities.
  15. If that penalty wasn't a rub of the green then I don't know what is! Can't think any other time in the match where they were unlucky, not very good yes, but not unlucky.