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  1. This is yet another load of shit by idiots at hollyrood. You can only get a COVID password if you got a letter from NHS showing your registration number. Those of us who only got text messages asking if we could get into practice the next day do Not have any letter/registration number. Typical shit show from mr & mrs in charge of Scotland
  2. When the Saints go up to lift the League Cup We’ll (not) be there We’ll (not) be there!!!! f*ckn COVID-19
  3. Is the 80% not just a grant that’s to be repaid rather than a donation to struggling companies?
  4. I’m half pissed at the moment and laughing my moobs off . Did George really want a taxi for Tommy? We’ve never had it so good in my 50 years of watching saints. Best squad ever. COYS
  5. Went for Joe but it could have been any of the boys in blue. Great performance. Still buzzing
  6. Good luck getting a reply from him. Man’s an arse
  7. Wasn't Aggie. That was Mrs Gibson
  8. We had joy, we had fun we had Dundee on the run
  9. Perth st Johnstone are the champions they're the best team in the land. Henry hall is the general and the leader of the band so good bye Partick thistle farewell Aberdeen and to hell with Kilmarnock and Dunfermline willie waddell and jock stein
  10. They took away the muirton park spanners