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  1. I would like to see a marquee type signing early doors to liven interest in season ticket sales
  2. Tam must be your turn to pay for the engraving
  3. Ghostie was absolutely fuming last poty as Muzz never handed back the WAP locals trophy
  4. What number is the latest on SoundCloud?
  5. Chin up Monty. If nobody can help on a weekly vote you can always just have an end of season rabble vote like us exiles
  6. Came off the bench on Saturday. There is the small chance that Paul could be playing in The Championship next season via the play offs. That would be a turn up for the books and would probably have no regrets leaving Saints.
  7. Very similar was said about Paul Paton when it was first mentioned he was joining us and Paul was the complete professional at his time at Saints.
  8. The fans on one of the Dundee Forums are in the main not happy with the news that Paul McGowan might leave Dundee to come to us which sounds very positive.
  9. It seems that we are being slated everywhere for turning in to dirty team with a high foul and booking count. Over on the Dundee forum they are whinging about only committing is fouls against the Dons. I would much rather see over zealous commitment in the tackle than not tackle at all. Well done Saints for your recent battling qualities.