Massive Blue and White Home Day 18/08/12

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Looking forward to the 1st home game of the new season and stringing along a few more for the Big Home Day, although I know a lot more who would come if we had a student gate!

Although I think its great Saints introduced the student season ticket, I think its equally criminal not having a student gate for those students who leave Perth for university which is no small number. It would also make Saints more attractive for students of visiting teams??

Anyways here's hoping for a big crowd (5/6000) this Saturday

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Dons ticket sales not going like a train so the club have decided to sell then at McD from 2pm onwards on Saturday.. Good move by Saints and should ensure a good few more Dons fans attend but obviously they cannot be anywhere near a sell out..I think if we get 2000 we'll be lucky...

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Why break the habit of a lifetime..Dont THINK, just do it.... :wink:

Nike should adopt something similar to that in Scotland.

Dinnae hink aboot it, jist dae it!!

Bring the flag Jamie, test G4S new found liberal attitude!

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I disagree. Re the family stand, it's all about the next generation and the initiative from the club is an excellent one . As for £100 season tickets, yeah , I am sure we would all love that but if they did do that, it would certainly impact on the abilitty of the club to attract and pay for players like Beattie, Vine, Hasslebaink, Tade and the rest. I would rather we paid a fair price and were able to put a half decent side on the park.

The family stand will see an increase by the walk-in fan who will be happy paying their £15 and free child price.All the slightly reduced season ticket has done is give people that would of paid for a year ticket a wee discount.IMHO SB missed out on an opportunity.

A new era,new man at the helm cheap as chips season ticket to get the place full,then capitalise on that success the year after.Im sure more clubs would of followed in our footsteps.

I would nt of bought a season ticket this season had I not got a wee bit extra cash at a time when I needed it.

People still have the same money problems.

1800 people at say £295 each or 6000 at £100 each

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